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    Volume XXI No. 2, January 15,1900

    In the section "Views from the Watch Tower" it was common to cite the press and to comment on it like in this example: The YMCA and Brookly Theater are given as examples for the modern "churchianity" - which was a term for churches who acted as social clubs.

    So conservative a journal as The Advance has already intimated that “Candy-pulls” and other modern methods of making Christianity attractive must not be interfered with by “old fogies.” And so say we1 Let the innovations proceed—they are essential to the very existence of “Babylon.” And besides, the sooner the social Churchianity clubs act out their real sentiments all along the line, the better it will be for true Christianity, whose separation from Churchianity is now due to be accomplished in this harvest time— “wheat” from “tares.”

    The more it becomes apparent that, with the vast majority, religion is merely “a form of godliness,” the more will thosewho have the power of it as well realize the width of the gulf which really separates the two classes in divine estimation. The louder grow- the revelry and irreverence and the scoffing at God’s Word by “higher critics” and the boasts of Evolution, the louder in the ears of the Lord’s true saints will sound the Master’s command: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen! Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”—Rev. 18:2, 4.

    The old Watch Towers - A wonderful tool for christian research activicty.


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