Folly of claiming “only we have the truth”

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  • EverApostate

    "Only we have the truth" is as Arrogant and ignorant as "I am the only righteous person"

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Ever Apostate:

    "Only we have the truth" is as Arrogant and ignorant as "I am the only righteous person"

    Aye, arrogant and ignorant it is! But, with a purpose of deception. When the lie is continually repeated by those who have authority and perpetuated by those who believe, then the Lie Itself become Truth in their behavior modified thinking. And so the Lie goes on with a membership which has been conditioned by means of intense fear to reject all that doesn't agree with their indoctrination, or else! When they've been made afraid to examine Real Truth the Lie that has been drilled into their heads has no opposition.

    We here know the WTBorg Cult Inc. version of their "truth" (or better, "troof") and how difficult it was to de-program from that deception. Fear is a very powerful "motivator to avoid the punishment of straying from the pack." Especially when it is taught by The Cult that those who aren't JWs will be forever destroyed by God Himself in the near future.

    For a contrasting view of what is to come:

    Which makes more sense? Which analysis is more representative of the Love of our Creator?

    How is it possible that the WTBorg Cult Inc. has got it so very wrong?

  • venus

    Dear LoveUniHateExams

    When I wrote about water, I was trying to show that truth changes according to circumstance. Ask: Does the sun rise in the east? You will have many contradicting answers, yet all are right to the level of understanding capacity of the listener.

    Sun rises in the East (right for the ordinary)

    Where the sun rises is East (right for the educated)

    Sun never rises nor sets (right for the highly educated ones)

    You also ask: “Does 'truth' even exist?”

    1) It depends on your definition of what truth is. When someone is owning up what he says you may say he is truthful. Finding someone as speaking truth during a job interview, you may appoint him in your company. But when you find his later actions as proving that he was only trying to impress you during interview with his truthfulness which he obviously used as a means to get into your company to undermine your good-will, what you called truth in the beginning would be actually falsehood in the over-all perspective even though it s true in the limited perspective.

    2) During war time, what is normal activity like driving the vehicle with head-light on during the night would be wrong. And during peace, driving the vehicle without head-light on during night would be wrong. Yet there is an underlying principle that remains unchanged which you can call truth—safety of the people during peace time, and safety of the country as a whole during war time.

    In the broader perspective we can say what exists is true—what is transient is true for a limited period, and what remains as the invisible support to the transient is true for unlimited period. For example, a seed has a physical appearance which remains for some time and disappears later. Yet it has an invisible software programme in which future generations remain protected which can be called true for longer period.

  • smiddy3

    Sun never rises nor sets (right for the highly educated ones)

    A good post venus ,I never realised I was a highly educated one

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