SATAN - Behold! The work of man.

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  • ninecharger

    Years ago I read a poem to do with WW3

    The last lines as I remember:

    "Satan sat on Primrose Hill his scarlet wings unfurled

    Looking out over the charnel house of the world,

    And he laughed:

    "Behold the work of man who was made in the image of God!!"

    Question- If I made a washing machine or car or airplane that exploded if someone pressed the wrong button who would be resposible - me or the button pusher??

    Specifically why did God create creatures with the potential for so much cruelty and evil if they pushed the wrong button?

    Isaac Asimov thought of these things and gave us the ideas in the Robot stories of sentient creations unable to harm others.

    Annie Dillard in "Tinker at Pilgrim Creak" speaks of the mercy of humans who will save a helpless turtle on its back where no god would lift a finger. What about the composer's words (Michael Tippett) Approximate quote - " I imagine a salvation no god can imagine: to heal to love." (heal and love those humans who find it impossible to believe in fairy tales.)

    Who will heal the likes of Ravyn, or myself, or others consumed by RAGE?

    I am more and more seeing why Bhuddism has no history of hate wars. Everybody can just be themselves...


  • Satanus

    I did a search on the poem, as i like it.

    After the Bomb

    After the Bomb had fallen,
    After the last sad cry
    When the Earth was a burnt-out cinder
    Drifting across the sky,

    Came Lucifer, Son of the Morning,
    With his fallen-angel band,
    Silent and swift as a vulture
    On a mountain-top to stand.

    And he looked, as he stood on the mountain
    With his scarlet wings unfurled,
    At the charnel-house of London
    And the cities of the world.

    And he laughed..........

    And as that mocking laughter
    Across the heavens ran,
    He cried 'Look!' to the fallen angels -
    'This is the work of Man
    Who was made in the image of God!'


  • cat1759

    Interesting post as I have been thinking about this for the last couple of days.

    The only thing I can add is that if we allow the rage to consume us the society has won.

    Only time and love will help us heal. The best revenge is happiness!

    Stay close to those who support you and never forget, you do count!


    As far as Satan and God go, let them figure it out, they have screwed up life with their so called hatred for each other at our expense.

  • ninecharger

    Oh, dear I feel like a total charlatan here, Darlings (Just in case those from the germanic world are worrying.)

    I feel Sci Fi shows us the future we want for our children. Looking through history the dreams and aims of any society brought about the reality - look at 20 th century America...

    Oh Dear I drunk more than I wanted here - What was the thread?? Maybe we should all be breathalysed before being allowed to post???

    Am I saying anything worthwhile rightnow??

  • ninecharger

    In BAB5 Sheridan said to the rival factions "GETTHE HELL OUT OF OUR GALAXY!"

    Why can this allegedly almighty god let us just be OURSELVES?

    I am happy to die if that means oblivion... other wise why no proof???


  • JCanon


    If you think of "free moral agency" as an investment to higher quality then it makes a little more sense; that is, like a diamond in the rough, some "processing" is needed. Probably God anticipated/understood that some would choose not to live in eternity with him, just out of preference or whatever. But those who wanted it a lot and willing to work for it had the potential of a greater happiness. Some have to be lost through "processing" in order for us to discover true happiness.

    If you like, this is played out in the theatre and in literature, where a Prince, set to marry a princess is disturbed and wants to find "true love" on his own. He prefers not to have the arranged marriage. So he goes out into the world and discovers the girl of his dreams, falls in love, whatever. Then something happens and she is wisked away from him. He would have been willing to give up all he had for her. But then, returning to his duties and accepting his fate to marry the woman chosen for him discovers the very girl he fell in love with was his selected bride and she was a royal princess. The moral point being that a greater degree of happiness was his since he had a chance to CHOOSE, versus simply accepting. But that process results in some "losses" and I suppose the losses were considered to be worth it.

    Just my 2 cents here...


  • gumby
    Probably God anticipated/understood that some would choose not to live in eternity with him, just out of preference or whatever. But those who wanted it a lot and willing to work for it had the potential of a greater happiness. Some have to be lost through "processing" in order for us to discover true happiness.

    Actually this god your mentioning I take it came from the bible...that is....unless you have another god.

    If it's the god I'm thinkin of, he doesn't anticipate anything........he already knows it, and knows the outcome. Did you say anticipate? Isn't that kinda like a guess? I anticipate you will respond to this post, but I am not for sure. Is that how you see god, or.......would your god already know you will respond?


  • thetruthaboutjws

    Since we are on the subjec of peams is here i figured i would share my poem it is based on the borg and my being in it for 17 years.

    Decete, the pain, the hurt
    Why human greed and mortal power/
    Leaves with no remorse, our stomach sour/
    Love and hope and friendships end/
    Because of lies and evil men/

    The deciete I speak consumed them all/
    Unaware inevitably they will fall/
    Large false prophecies and little truth/
    Allows them to consume the youth/

    Soon youth grow older they realise/
    They have all thrown away their lives/
    They can't turn back it is no use/
    For there's to much for them to lose/

    Listen closley to what I say/
    So in end you will not pay/
    If listen not then you will see/
    You might become another me/

    written by me Levi Henley

  • ninecharger

    i just think that if God could be taken to court and sued, he would have thought very carefully about how he designed this planet.

    Do you remember the case where a car manufacturer allowed a potentially explosive fuel tank on the market. Even the aero industry only improves safety under legal duress.

    God could have said -:Eat this fruit, but if you DO you will not be able to murder rape massacre others, nor commit incest, or molest the little children in your care..

    He DIDN'T.


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