How Many People are Living a Lie?

by awokenjw 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • DesirousOfChange

    ....I've heard a few stories of how couples engaged in oral sex, with the wife requesting it...

    Clearly this must be a lie.

    I'd still be agreeable to hearing the stories.


  • stephanie61092

    I never had a status in the hall but I was considered "exemplary" as I never missed a meeting and put in more than the national average in service each month (avg 15-20). All the while I was doing things not approved of at all by WT standards although not bad by any means. Mostly just having fun. But for me, the "double life" DESTROYED me. I would cry myself to sleep from the guilt. I'd start to feel normal again and then attend a meeting and I would spiral once I got home. I did feel better after I "confessed" to the elders but looking back its only because I was so brainwashed that I ever felt a need to be guilty over my supposed sins (by WT standards) and confess them!

  • ToesUp

    We had an Elder in our hall who was serving on JC's . Acted like a total ass. He was caught cheating on his wife. It was not brought to light by the holy spirit. He was caught by his family.

    It happens more often than we imagine.

  • karter

    How many are loving a lie?? Plenty let me think.....Elder screwing his own daughter. Elder accountent ripping brothers he is doing accounts for off. My ex wife has her unmarried family sleeping together in her house and admits it's scriptuly wrong but keeps on doing it ...many more. Karter

  • sir82

    I'd still be agreeable to hearing the stories.

    Dear / Penthouse forum,

    I never thought I'd be writing one of these letters, but...

  • awokenjw

    Its incredible how people are so ready to divulge personal details of their lives to three men who claim to be appointed by holy spirit. Some of these men know things about brother/sisters in the congregation that under any other circumstance, they would not share with anyone.

  • Vidiot

    Personally, I suspect that "living a lie" or a "double life" might be the only thing that keeps some stuck-ins from going stark raving mad.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well, clearly since you were appointed as an MS after such conduct proves that the big J is ok with you!

    So if you ever get "reported" by that sister, or the elders, you can advise them that J has no problem, or he wouldn't have "appointed you by Holy Spirit"!

  • Vidiot

    @ stuckinarut...

    Oh god, I can just imagine the look on some uptight elder's scowling mug if he'd had it in for awoken, and had that thrown back in his face as a defense. :laughing:

  • Perry

    Some Dude Over the Rainbow,

    You are experiencing the domination of Sin in your life. Sin is a nasty taskmaster. If you let him, Jesus would give you a new spirit that cannot sin. The power of sin your life would be broken, forever.

    Jesus came to save us from the chains of sin and death. I have experienced this freedom, and millions of others have too. You are not unique. Your burden is very common in fact.

    You are not sick per se, but your burden is real.

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