I don't understand how to navigate this site.

by Mia T 10 Replies latest forum tech-support

  • Mia T
    Mia T

    I want to fit in but can't find my way around.

  • Landy

    The navigation is ok, but the posting and quoting using a phone or tablet is a nightmare.

  • marlborobarbie

    It's completely different from JWR. That was the most commonly used format, and the oldest and easiest to use, too. Not much for attractiveness, but that wasn't the goal when it was created.

    So far, I think I've got the hang of this place. The top menu bar is where you get around. Or, you can go to "Home" or "Topics". If you go "Home", you'll be taken back to the main forum categories. Topics are the subforum categories. Quoting...that was kind of difficult. What I do (haha like I have soooo much experience) is I copy/paste the OP's statement, type my response, then highlight their statement and press the quote button.

    Hope that helps! Glad to see another familiar name. :)

  • Angharad

    Latest is also useful as it shows the current active topics in the order they were last posted to

  • JWdaughter

    Just keep playing around. You will get it soon. WELCOME! I can figure it out so I know you can.

  • cofty

    Click "Latest" and then the "Updated" tag for newest posts.

    Click on your own name to go to a page showing your total posts and threads. Clicking either of those takes you to lists of your posts.

    To link to other forum pages or outside links highlight some text, click on the link/chain button and paste the URL into the bottom box making sure to replace any text in there.

    You can add pictures directly using the pic button (looks link mountain) just navigate to the image on your local file. Make sure it's a sensible size of course.

    If formatting goes wrong you can clean it up in code view - button </>

  • Mia T
    Mia T

    I don't know. I'm still stuck with this angry ugly meme. And I don't feel warm and fuzzy yet. My ulcer has kicked back in. Thanks JWR misfits. Just watch, when the GB sinks WTBTS it will happen in just as cowardly a way.

  • Angharad

    Click on your username and you will be able to upload an avatar picture from there

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Welcome, Mia T.

  • Worldling9

    Hi Mia...I'm trying to figure it out too. Hope to see you around!


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