Yet More Apostate Damage Control

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  • Funky

    They haven't had so much "bash the evil apostates" content of late. Wonder what caused this sudden outburst?

    JWs with too much time on their hands due to COVID restrictions, and researching stuff on the internet, maybe?

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    The video spends the first 7.5 mins quoting verses about Jesus being questioned and doubted by pharisees, setting up the premise that to question the GB is to question God.

    It then goes on to point out a few glaring problems that have caused many to leave or question but assures us that its the individuals fault- never the GB.

    A few interesting comments about the possibility of not having the normal JW experience in the future. Gives the impression that there is a possibility of downsizing, or trimming some fat. Probably meaningless but opens the door for change if they need it.

  • BluesBrother

    Yes he mentions some of the criticisms levelled against them , child abuse, flip flopping etc, but does he answer those criticisms? No, he just urges his audience to remain faithful and trust the Gov. Body, as if we all knew that they are beyond reproach. Jesus.

    I suppose to the trusting sheep, they are!

  • nowwhat?

    Jesus directly addressed Thomas's concern that he was ressurected. Faith will only get you do far without facts

  • pistolpete

    They are preparing the sheep for the DOWNSIZING.

    They know it's over. There is no more Great Crowd coming in.

    Never again will there be Two day Kingdom Hall Builds.

    Too many are waking up to keep the machine going.

    These videos are basically just for the DIE-HARD -BELIEVERS who will be completely gone in a few years

    It's truly the Last Days for the Religion Known as the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society.

    They had a good run but it's time to start closing shop little by little like a helium balloon after a week in the air

    And once they are gone, many will reflect on the thousands of wives, husbands, and children that died for a silly interpretation of not taking blood, shunning your family, and spending several years in prison because some home-schooled or high school men defined what neutrality was.

  • mikronboy

    Still can't find any reference to a GB in the scriptures..

  • slimboyfat

    In terms of the number of active members JWs are doing very well—even in western secular countries, they are doing much better than other comparable groups. (There are as many JWs in the UK today as there has ever been. Practically any other church or denomination, Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Mormon, Unitarian, Christadelphian, Quaker, or whatever, would love to be in that position. Only a few Pentecostal and independent churches, supported by immigrant communities, are doing better.) JWs have an ageing population, which may become a problem, and lead to decline at some point in the future, but again, they are faring better than most other religious groups by this measure. If they have real problems then at this point they are largely financial problems. They have been closing KHs, on the whole, so it seems, not because they are empty, but because they need the money.

    What this means I’m not sure. Perhaps it means that, under wise stewardship, the situation could still be turned around. However the current GB have demonstrated that they lack any ability to correct mistakes or improve in response to external shocks. In some ways the resilience of JW active membership in face of doctrinal and PR blunders, such as the “generation” teaching and mishandling of abuse cases is remarkable, and speaks to underlying ideological strength. However one cannot but wonder if there has been steady erosion under the water line, just waiting to be exposed. In other words, when the collapse comes, it could be swifter and more dramatic than that experienced by other groups. The GB perhaps look set on a path of “destruction”, entirely of their own choosing.

    Enjoy your symptom! (As Žižek would say)

  • pale.emperor

    The "Jesus was accused of being a glutton" comment was surely a reference to Tony the turd in his bottlegate video right?

    Yeah, we fucking know he does mate.

  • BereanThinker7

    This unfortunately will probably be a very effective attempt at using inoculation theory on the average witness. Now if they hear subjects related to those points they will immediately turn of thoughts processes of their own.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I don’t think they care what opponents say. They do care if it results in lower donations and lower income. I think that’s what prompted the outburst.~ SlimFatBoy


    WTS usually refuses to make a comment. They have long held that to do so just gives legitimacy to the "false stories".

    The child sexual abuse lawsuits become so prevalent and publicly known that they were forced to finally respond with a "form letter" stating they "abhor" child sexual abuse.

    This public attempt at damage control is indicative of their concern and the affect it must be having in donations ("hitting them where it hurts").

    I think there are likely MANY active JW's that have closed their wallets since they all feel there are no local expenses that need to be covered at this time since the "lights at the Hall are off". Plus of lower wage earners are who are suffering the most financially with the Covid crisis.

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