You or Family at Uni? Bye bye Ministerial Servants Position

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  • no-zombie

    As a postscript, I just wanted to add that these school outlines are NOT handed out to the Elders who attend. This means that the person who leaked this document is either a CO or upper Bethelite. Which I find quite encouraging.


  • zeb

    Enforced ignorance is nothing less than a control mechanism.

    There is another consideration here and that is apart from the chance of better quality work and there by pay it is this, once you have achieved as I did at mature age (51) my diplomas you walk tall you can at last in your mind tell those teachers and others who bagged you through your younger days to get stuffed.

    But having a sense of self worth is the very antithesis of the wt code.

  • Wild_Thing


    This must be the only religion where one can be an accused child molester and keep their position, but if they want to be a doctor or professor you get named and shamed.

    This is the best way I have I have heard it explained. It sounds so ridiculous when you say it out loud, but there is so much truth in it. It's crazy.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    I can recall a prominent elder in the late 1970s who permitted his son to attend university. Somehow he got away with it, too. This person remained, and still is, a prominent elder in S.E. Queensland (Australia).

    His son subsequently graduated from the School of Engineering at the University of Queensland (St Lucia), and is today a highly respected Electrical Engineer, running his own consultancy firm.

    After seeing directives from the GB - such as this one - which bash "Higher Education", I often wonder how those two fare when applying these rules to others (As far as I am aware, both father and son remain elders in their respective JW congregations). Do they, in effect, say to everybody else "I have got mine, but you are not allowed to have yours"? Or are they amongst those long term JWs who do lip service to everything the GB says, but privately ignore the more extreme directives of their religion?

    Sometimes I really would like to be a fly on the wall!

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with what you said about the hypocrisy of some JW who already got their education then saying to somebody else that they should not get theirs.

    I always felt that somebody who already got college has NO business getting on the podium and knocking college for somebody else. Hypocrites like this deserve to have needy JWs with ruined lives track them down years later looking for money. I wouldn’t want this on my conscience!

    I also feel the same rule applies to older JWs with a cushy life who preach poverty for young dopes in the Hall. The poverty they are preaching is not for THEM, only some other fool...I saw this garbage as a young working woman criticized by these older hypocrites who either had a ‘worldly’ husband who worked 40 yrs to provide them with a pension, a business, OR they themselves earned their living before they became active in the religion. I despised these people and I made sure I held onto MY job until I retired.

  • Phizzy

    This attitude is what started me on the road to freedom, I was told the Elders were going to review my position as M.S due to my kids situation, both my kids had stopped Meeting attendance almost, did not preach, and were in Higher Education, both were living at home at the time, as uni was close.

    I promptly resigned before any such review could take place. But my Cognitive Dissonance went up no end, maybe this will happen to others, I hope.

  • pale.emperor

    Having started University since leaving the cult i can see why they discourage it. Every essay i submit HAS TO be referenced in the paragraph, full reference at the end, any claims i make need to be fully supported and explained how i came to that conclusion AND the opposing argument HAS TO be considered fully too.

    As my professor put it, "the arguments we present is not to win an argument, it's so that it can be criticized by others to see if it's true".

    Imagine if Watchtower submitted their stuff to a University. It'd wouldn't even be marked.

  • snugglebunny

    My two pennyworth: My wife started uni at the age of 38. She got her BA and later her MA. She eventually become a lecturer herself. She earned good money for 20 years and has now retired with a useful addition to her State pension. Thank God she went to uni!!!

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