Gucci Grace

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  • zeb

    I recall jw saying with some pride that former President of Zimbabwe, Mugabe's wife nicknamed "Gucci" Grace due her spending habits is a JW. Is this correct?

  • Phoebe

    I've heard that, too. Not sure how true it is.

    I also heard Mugabe employed JWs because he could trust them (not to kill him, I guess)

  • joe134cd

    I havnt heard about his wife been a jw. But there was a black brother in my former congregation who was an elder from Zimbabwe. Although he took the official line of been politically neutral, he had no time for Mugabe and I remember him saying he was the main reason he migrated. One thing I do remember him commenting on was that mugabe was very favourable towards witnesses. He liked them and often employed them in none political roles. This brother said the reason was probably because he didn't see them as a threat, and allowed him to do what he wanted.

    Like I said above the thing that really gave this guy credibility was that he, practically lost everything when mugabe took over. He was black, and was a fully indoctrinated elder. I cannot Colo berate what he said as I never meet another jw from Zimbabwe.

  • smiddy3

    Bullshit ,maybe just a jw urban legend .Their is no way this woman was a JW ,she was deeply involved in politics and power for herself and a former mistress of Robert Mugabe while she was married to another man before she became Mugabes wife.

  • OrphanCrow

    It is possible that someone has mixed up Mugabe's wife with Nelson Mandela's first wife.

    Mandela's first wife, Evelyn, was a Jehovah's Witness. (and, I think...Mandela's sister also was a JW)

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