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  • tartan4588

    I am disfellowshipped and have been going back for well over a year now but because its not my 1st time it will be a bit longer before I will write my letter, would really love to find others in my area who are in the same situation as some many know its very isolating, not mixing with worldly people and not being allowed to be with family and friends can take its toll on a person, just wondering if there is anyone in Perth WA that would like to get together for a coffee, movie ect

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Hi Tartan, if you're looking for support, information, and discussions about what's going on with the organization, hang around and share your story.

    As a former Ministerial Servant, I had a rude awakening by two different bodies of Elders which prodded me into studying the teachings a lot more than we were ever told to.

    If you'd like to hear anything of the many results of my several years of research, click the little envelope at the top of the page and send me a private message. If you are frightened to discuss such things, I understand.

    I know exactly how the inbuilt fear works. Whatever, I wish you well in your life.

    I'm in Scotland.

  • Biahi

    Join us here, and don’t go back!

  • Crazyguy2

    I would associate with worldly people and just not tell the elders. They act like your supposed to be just like in solitary confinement yet your not. JWs are crazy.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome tartan4588 I`m in Gippsland Vic, and there are many more aussies here ,so stick around.

    .I gather your still a believer and want to do the right thing ,so I would suggest you look up in your bible about the prodigal son Luke 15:11-32 read it and meditate on it and see if it agrees with the way Jehovah`s Witnesses treat there brothers and sisters who make a false step and stray from the "truth".

    click the little envelope at the top of the page and send me a private message.if you wish or just reply here ,I would like to hear your response .

    take care ,I wish you well.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Awww, aren't you precious, you tartan4588 Servant of Jah! You GO, gurl!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Tartan, welcome to our group. Many of us here have had a bad experience at the hands of much-righteous elders. Frankly, I for one, think it's evident that God has taken his Holy Spirit away from the Organization. Worldwide there are dozen of lawsuits (mostly for protecting child abusers) against them and they are losing them, at the cost of millions and millions of dollars. I recall studying how the Organization won 40 or 50 lawsuits in the 1940s & 1950s (something like 49 of 50 lawsuits) and that was said to be evidence of God's Blessing. He clearly is not blessing them now. Hundreds of Kingdom Halls are being sold here in the USA as congregations much merge because of the exodus of people. Something is clearly wrong!

    While you are working to get reinstated so you will no longer be shunned by family and friends, I'd suggest you do some serious investigation into what is going on worldwide. Investigation OUTSIDE of just reading authorized Watchtower information. (For example, I'd suggest the Australian Royal Commission.) Don't discuss what you discover with anyone or you will be in a worse position to get reinstated.

    Good luck!


  • Exelder

    You obviously have your own reasons why you are putting yourself though this (family relatives still witnesses etc) but to be honest, if you are on THIS site and you want to meet up with fellow disfellowshipped people then your heart really isn't in it AND there is no way they would reinstate you if they knew.

    Think very seriously about your reasons for going back and putting yourself through this charade (TWICE!).

    Is this double life really the one that you want to live?

    If you truly believed it all and wanted to do everything the JW way I would let you get on with it, but you obviously don't want to be fully committed to their teachings.

    Right now you are free. Do a list of pros and cons and see if you really want to go through this again.

    You will be back in no mans land again. Not truly belonging there with them or with the rest of civilisation on the outside of the org.

    IF you truly believed what they taught, you would know that come 'armageddon' you would be killed anyway and would not have 'holy spirit". I don't know why you would voluntarily want to make this half-baked return to go back.

    I am not judging....but trying to give you a virtual shake and get you to look at what you are doing.

  • atomant

    Good luck with that tartan put on the suit of armour spartan u will need it.

  • Giordano

    Long ago, some five decades ago, my wife and I left the JW religion. The reason? Besides a lot of doubt in their beliefs....... was the blood issue.

    Since we left thousands have died before their time or immediately for lack of a life saving blood transfusion. It wasn't that long ago that many surgeries had to depend on blood to get the patient through the procedure. Blood saved lives back then and still does. But the Society once again showed no compassion. They mistakenly lobbied against transplants as well........ causing many of their followers to suffered needlessly or die. Eventually the Society realized they had once again erred and dropped the concept of a No Transplant Ban but conveniently failed to tell the flock it was now ok to accept a transplant'.

    Deeply engaged with quake science the Society promoted the ban on blood and built a core belief to set themselves apart from ALL other religions. They succeeded and in the process needlessly killed off thousands of their followers.

    Jonestown shocked the world....... how could these hard working wonderful families commit suicide? They were told to by the head of their organization. So Over 900 hundred of them died in one night and over 300 were children.

    The Jehoavh's witness religion has easily surpassed the death toll of Jones Town and does so each and every year since the 1940's when the blood ban was formalized as part of the JW official dogma.

    There really is nothing special about the JW's other then they are skillful in encouraging people to kill themselves by refusing certain medical treatments.

    They also delight in slamming the door of compassion in the face of a sinner or doubter. There is no reasoning with the JW construct. Along with fait is obedience. In face obedience trumps faith as the Society can't get much of anything right.

    A hundred thousand plus people get DFed each year. How many people did Jesus shun......not one person.

    When was Jesus baptized? At Age 30. Not at ten or twelve years of age. Imagine asking a child to sign off on the rest of their lives committed to the JW Corporation.

    Did Jesus ever mention Armageddon? No.

    What about Paradise earth? Believe it or not it is not mentioned in the bible.

    Is being a witness of Jehovah mentioned in the bible? Yes........ once in Isiah as it pertained to being a Prophet of Jehovah.

    Is being a witness for Jesus mentioned in the NT? Yes some two dozen or so times. The hallmark of a Christian was/is to be a witness of Jesus.

    P.S. Sorry for the rant. Reread D.O.C's and Exelder's wise words.

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