Hotel California

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  • Normalfulla

    growing up was OK being a jw or so I thought, I guess u accept life as it comes when yr a kid , anyhow I played guitar and my elder dad (who is currently df) would forbid me to learn hotel California or even if it came on the radio he would run and quickly turn it off ,

    He explained he had heard a tape recording at work that explained that this song along with stairway to heaven and others had back masking on it and when played backwards would say stuff like "Satan has his own congregation " or other stuff like that , now this was not a jw sanctioned audio talk just some other Christian production .

    None of dad's other peers felt the same and growing up it illustrated to me dad's propensity to be influenced and convinced about something seemingly innocuous to others.

    Fast forward to a year or so ago and I showed him a section from the Eagles documentary where Don Henley talks about the meaning of hotel California and how much trouble Christian evangelists gave the song due to their own interpretation etc , so completely refuted the claims my father had told me were fact as a kid ,from the horses mouth so to speak

    His answer was ,"well of course he'd say that he wants to save face ,he wouldn't admit the truth !"

    OMG I can understand why the man despite my attempts to show him ttat continues to be unswayed , some people just refuse to see what is plainly in front of them

  • Finkelstein

    Some people think with fear and emotions rather than logic and rational reasoning derived from facts.

    Most of these people usually end up involved in religious spiritual beliefs or some kind of organized religion.

    The rock bad KISS is just another band that was commercially created to portray an expression of rebellion and many times these bands use Satanic or Wicca imagery etc. to project that rebelliousness as a means to attract teenage adolescence. ACDC Black Sabeth etc.

    Back tracking music was done so back in the 1960's as a intent of artistry ie. The Beatles but it wasn't done to hide or create a subliminal demonic verse as some Christian fundamentalists once proclaimed.

  • mentalclarity

    I hadn't heard that about Hotel California but there was something about the song "Another One Bites the Dust".

    At first when I read the title to this post I thought it was going to make reference to the part in Hotel California that says "you can check in but you can never check out" and compare it to the JWs..hahaha...

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    JWs have been programed to think in a very black and white manner which basically gives them only 2 options, so that while you can understand things with many more options/sides he is left with only 2 and so has extreme tunnel vision.

    It is plainly in front of you, but invisible to him. The WT took away his mind to use him for slave labor and forced servitude.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, witnesses wont allow FACTS to get in the way of their pre-conceived ideas!

  • Crazyguy

    I remember my dad coming into the room I was in and heard me listening to a song by the group Heart. After hearing a few lyrics he thought she was singing about sex with an animal. Jw parents can be so crazy!

  • Tallon

    What is the height of suspicion?

    Back tracking the kingdom melodies!

    I'll take my coat and leave ;)

  • jayjay78

    probably true ,the song was supposed to be about the building anton levay converted into satanic church.. the eagles members said it was metaphorical though.

    but so what?

    we only do what we want to..brain washing isnt real unless you're on medication.

    blaming back-masking on your actions is laughable.

  • jp1692

    Cult members are, by definition, delusional and paranoid. Indoctrinated mental illnesses are no different than the more organic garden variety, except perhaps that once identified they can be more directly dealt with.

  • NikL

    I heard them all.

    I am a radio DJ and got on earful about some of those songs.

    It is called back masking and it's where they attempt is made to conceal a message in a song but you can only hear it backwards. You would have to literally get your vinyl record and move it backwards to hear LOL.

    It was hard to do with most peoples turntables at the time but having access to the proper equipment I was able to do it. I found it to be bunk.

    Hotel California had all kinds of occult connections although I don't recall it having back masking.

    Another One Bites The Dust supposedly has the back masked message "decide to smoke marijuana".

    Stairway to heaven said things like "praise Satan" and other nonsense.

    The back masking thing was really a big story in the 80s and early 90s and Tipper Gore even lobbied congress to have albums labeled warning of the content.

    Judas Priest even went to court over it.

    From Wikipedia...

    In the middle of 1990, the band was involved in a civil action that alleged they were responsible for the self-inflicted gunshot wounds in 1985 of 20-year-old James Vance and 18-year-old Raymond Belknap in Sparks, Nevada, USA.[24] On 23 December 1985, Vance and Belknap, after hours of drinking beer, smoking marijuana and allegedly listening to Judas Priest, went to a playground at a church in Sparks with a 12-gauge shotgun to end their lives. Belknap was the first to place the shotgun under his chin. He died instantly after pulling the trigger. Vance then shot himself but survived, suffering severe facial injuries. Following numerous complications, Vance too died in 1988, three years after the suicide pact.[25]

    The men's parents and their legal team alleged that a subliminal message of "do it" had been included in the Judas Priest song "Better By You, Better Than Me" (a cover of the Spooky Tooth number) from Stained Class (1978). They alleged the command in the song triggered the suicide attempt.[24] The trial lasted from 16 July to 24 August 1990, when the suit was dismissed after the judge ruled that the so-called "do it" message was a result of an accidental mixup of background lyrics.[24] One of the defence witnesses, Dr. Timothy E. Moore, wrote an article for Skeptical Inquirer chronicling the trial.[24] The trial was covered in the 1991 documentary Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance Vs. Judas Priest.

    It's a completely different atmosphere today in congregations. An elder here even has his own rock band! LOL

    Funny story, this elders band was playing a witness gig and they busted out "La Grange", the ZZ Top number.

    For those that don't know, it's is a song about a brothel. Anyway, I started cracking up about it and mentioned it to some others at our table. Word got back to this elder and he apologized one night at the meeting and said they wouldn't be doing it again. I laughed and said no biggie to me. At least you weren't doing "pearl necklace".

    He didn't know what that was and I said look it up. and then said no wait don't do that. take my word for it. I bet he looked it up :-)

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