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  • lastmanstanding

    I recently was on a job with the COBE and I would like to relate this experience. It goes to show how unthink these zombies have become.

    During working, the COBE asks me “Did you see that couple that died in the Eritrean prison, the brother and his wife?”

    I replied that I had not seen anything like that. He went on more about how “the sister too”, not just the brother, had perished in prison.

    I think in his puny unthinking skull nut it was like Romeo and Juliet.

    In any case, during lunch, I looked it up.

    (Don’t click the link directly or it will take you from here to there and announce your visit. Do a copy etc.)


    ... as you will see, the story is NOT about a brother and his wife imprisoned till death, but rather it was about two brothers, probably elders both.

    It seems Elder Unthink only looks at the picture and reads the headline and the rest of the story his puny skull nut fills in accordance to his superstitious needs.

    After lunch I announced that had read the article about “the two brothers in Eritrea who passed in prison”.

    He objected! No, he exclaimed, a brother and his wife.!!!

    It was completely obvious that he had not read the story but was just trying to sound smart and spiritual and holy.

    Anyway, I explained the article and that the photo was of one of the brothers with his wife, and the other brother and his wife was pictured down the article farther. But that only brothers were inprisoned.

    You cannot help these people. Better to not try.

  • oppostate

    It's very tricky of the WT to put headline of two elderly people that die in prison and then put a picture of the husband and wife underneath. It's almost like they know a lot of JW's won't read the article and the emotional hit of an elderly husband and wife dying in prison is a lot more powerful psychologically.

  • zeb

    No mention of any international effort to see them released? and I mean from Bethel via the US State dept not jw writing letters.

  • asp59

    It just two people . They can't donate much money anyways so no effort getting them free I guess.

  • lastmanstanding

    Now, next story, I was working with Br Zombie COBE and his zombie wife in field service.

    Sister zombie gets out of the car same time as me and asks how I’ve been and I give her the line, to which she replies (in a whisper tone so that sister was-a-pioneer a few feet away can’t hear), “I hate service... I never liked it... it’s too hard”.

    Just 30 minutes later at the coffee shop, with her husband Br zombie COBE sitting across the table, she says loudly “what a wonderful day in service “

    There’s no helping this lot.

  • caves

    "It was completely obvious that he had not read the story but was just trying to sound smart and spiritual and holy."

    It seems the higher up you go in the borg the more this happens. I wonder why?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    ''There’s no helping this lot."

    No. Unfortunately I'm afraid not. This is how most Dubs are and are only going to be..

  • lastmanstanding

    This zombie couple is experiencing what many older, didn’t-plan-past-Watchtower’s-Prophecy type dubs are going through. They are at the crossroads of their life with empty pockets. Their health is seriously failing and they are beginning to see the oncoming train of a decline life living in a cockroach motel eating dogfood.

    Theres a lot of pain on the dub horizon. Or is that pain “around the corner”...

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Lastmanstanding, the Cobe wife was baiting you hoping that you would agree with her and then she would have a story to tell her husband.

  • lastmanstanding


    No, sorry, she is truly daft. I’ve known her for decades.

    She has found every conceivable way and method of avoiding service. And when she’s out, she’s trying to get away ASAP.

    No baiting. Just brainless.

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