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  • Carmel

    As I was musing in my shop yesterday gluing poly pipe together, (hmm wonder if the fumes got to me) I was thinking of those that still hold to a) the literalness of the biblical creation story and b) thinking that this obviates the theory of evolution. It crossed my mind that the human inmune system, by its very existence forces one to reconsider one or both positions. Any thoughts? Please justify your answers with full scriptural support! :-)


  • patio34

    Hi Carmel,

    Just dropping in to greet you. How have you been?

    Good luck on your discussion.


  • drwtsn32

    I'm having a severe case of deja vu....

  • Amazing

    Hi Carmel: Like the human immune system, the human blood-clotting system is extremely complex and brings serious questions to having evolved without some divine guidance (interference). On the other hand, evolution is not a theory in the sense of a pure postulated concept ... rather, it is a theory in a working sense like electrical theory ... they both have mountains of evidence to support them, both are made into useful applications, and both are founded on solid science. Michael Behe a bio-chemist discusses these in his book "Darwin on Trial" ... where he sticks to science, and does not push any socio-religious concepts. - Jim W.

  • waiting

    hey sweetpea,

    actually, I think your musings are from the fumes. they'll make you a brain cell (or million) less if you keep it up. I have an x-husband a million or so short from methel ethel ketone.....loved the stuff.....amongst other stuff too.

    but it's good to see you no matter how many brain cells it takes.


  • donkey


    I have read Behe's book per you recommendation when we last met. It is thought provoking but then lot's of people have taken issue with the presentation as can be evidenced from studies such as this: (Internet Infidels is my favorite board on the web - apart from this one of course)

    and finally there are two great discussion boards (non xW or JW) where this is discussed at length:

  • Carmel

    Amazing, my friend, I am well aware of the evidence supporting natural selection as a process, but that was not the point. Perhaps Old Leather Face was right, the fumes got to me.

    carmel, snickering

    cheers patty

  • hooberus

    The following are some of Behe's responses to critism of his work. The first link deals specifically with responding to talk origins

  • rem


    Not sure why you would care what Behe thinks since his views are quite in opposition to yours. Or do you just agree with everyone that disagrees with mainstreem science when it comes to evolution. Kinda like the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' thinking. To take Behe's views seriously you'd have to give up on Genesis. Behe is an evolutionist. He just thinks god guided it.

    But what are your thoughts on the original topic of this thread?


  • hooberus

    I know that Behe is an evolutionist who believes that certain specific biological structures had to have been created. As for my thoughts on the original topic, I may list them later. I am going out of town for a week.

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