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  • TerryWalstrom

    I've been thinking much more about the concept of obeying RULES and LAWS.

    All those years as a JW crossing my T's and dotting my I's, and even stupidly going to prison--taking shit from stupid Elders...
    It isn't an excuse but a damned good reason for getting a warp in my grain about RULES.
    There's nothing wrong with rules or laws--the problem is with ME!

    Why do any of us get angry if a cop stops us for speeding? I dunno. What flies out of our mind is, "Don't you have any more SERIOUS crime to concern yourself with?"
    That's probably childish.

    I used to take my shoes off at work at the bookstore after hours when we had closed. The floor was concrete and I stood all day. I got busted for it. I was warned. Guess what? I did it again! I came real close to being fired.

    I thought that rule was incredibly stupid--but I kept my mouth shut (for once.)

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