900000 US$ donations from Brother Nelson (aka Prince)

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  • Fisherman

    Yes...it was earned


    ..all the while claiming to be one of Jehovah's Witness

    From JW rules, GB appointees are responsible for "judging" JW -not you. But it was his money.

  • Lieu

    Actually, they have no authority to "judge". They have no authority either. But since there isn't any Christ for JWs .... just putting the truth out there.

    Money mongers. All you need is a lot of money and a penise then you can be as seedy as you wish in JW land.

  • zeb
    Now because of the nature of the mans dress and entertaining the wt wont accept the money will they..?

    I do recall people being refused use of the KH for funerals due to the persons past record - eg suicide deaths are never given a KH service -

    Also if person was df-ed at time of death - regardless of the crime - no KH funereal ! Gotta keep the Mothership sanctified and pristine.

    Grab hold of your wife to be's tits in a moment of passion after a nice date and you are reproved and your pending marriage in the KH is disallowed ................

    But if you are going to give bucks to Mother ..............ABSOLUTION occurs/

  • konceptual99

    Who's saying Prince was doing anything wrong as a Witness? His past behaviour has no bearing on the matter.

    He was clearly not run of the mill but there is no evidence to suggest that the local congregation was wilfully ignoring behaviour that would get anyone else up in front of a JC. He was never going to be given privileges in the congregation but that does not mean the congregation is hypocritical in having a memorial service.

    He seemingly attended enough meetings and shared his faith enough to be considered "in good standing". For goodness sake, I have not gone on the ministry in months, never answer, attend only 50% of the time, never fulfil any assignments let alone give any money - but I am still in good standing. I would be allowed a KH funeral if I died now.

    It's very rare to have an invite only event but given the profile of the man I am not surprised, not least to stop the JW sycophants from flocking to the thing.

  • LoveUniHateExams
    The WT is such a money-grabbing skank ...
  • Sledge Hammer
    Sledge Hammer


    110.000 $ Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

    40.000 $ Kingdomhall of Jehova's Witness


    Let's go crazy (through the years)

  • Londo111
    That's really chump change for the Org. They would burn through it real quick.
  • LevelThePlayingField
    All that money's now gone and the borg is still broke.
  • Vidiot

    Zappa-Esque - "...But if you are going to give bucks to Mother .............. ABSOLUTION occurs"


    The rules are different for celebrity JWs.

    Jeezus, Michael Jackson's funeral was held in his mom's KH, and he was an "apostate".

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