She sent me 'Return to Jehovah' I sent her a Christmas card

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  • Xanthippe

    It just felt so good to say to a JW I don't feel the guilt this booklet says I must be feeling. I don't feel guilty for having a great big Christmas tree or letting my daughter have birthdays, Easter eggs, dress up at Halloween, have sleepovers and friends, I told her. I only feel guilty about not contributing to Live Aid and Bandaid and giving the money to a cult instead. Where in this booklet does it list as a reason for leaving, having done masses of research and no longer able to conscientiously stay in a religion they no longer believe in?

    I said seven men in Brooklyn should feel guilty for telling me not to go to university when it was FREE! One time she wrote she said did I feel forced to pioneer? Of course I did, every meeting and assembly. They actually used the words blood guilt on me, like I'm a murderer if I don't do it! Didn't her husband feel the same when he went to Bethel?

    Ended with Deuteronomy 18:20-22 about the prophets who speak falsely and deserve death. Wished her well and hoped they don't work her too hard or frighten her with their prophecies. It ends with 'you must not get frightened at him' in the NWT. Sent my love and popped the letter in a Christmas card.

  • freddo
    Fantastic. Well done you!
  • LongHairGal


    Good for you that you did that! The hell with them and their no celebrating holidays - meanwhile they themselves once did.

    The REAL reason I believe they did away with Christmas was to make sure Witnesses had NO contact with their non-JW relatives. I remember having a "lightbulb" moment years back around holiday time when I was all alone and realized what a chump I was. I could have been enjoying a holiday dinner with people who actually cared about me.

    This is something that the religion can NEVER be forgiven for and I made sure I rectified this error in my family before it was too late! I started sending out Christmas cards and contacted people I hadn't seen in years and I'm so grateful I did.

    The religion was probably AFRAID that if JWs spent time around people who weren't judging them and who actually loved them, they might wake up and not want to be in the Jehovah's Witnesses religion anymore! Very clever!

    The "pagan" thing was just a convenient excuse for the religion to ban holidays. So many other things in the world have a pagan origin, so this was just nonsense as far as I was concerned and just a trick to separate and isolate the poor people there.

    So, Merry Christmas everyone, and celebrate those Holidays with a vengeance with people who care about you!!

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    The REAL reason I believe they did away with Christmas was to make sure Witnesses had NO contact with their non-JW relatives.

    Exactly LongHairGal! However, for me, the birthday celebration ban is what truly exposes their motives. There is no real justification for that other than separating you from your non-Witness friends and family. Given that, I'm convinced that's the real reason behind all the other holiday bans too. In my mind, they may have successfully concealed their true motives had they not banned birthday celebrations too.

  • Xanthippe

    Thank you freddo.

    LHG I agree all these weird things they do, stopping us joining in with holidays, are all designed to separate us from our non-JW friends and relatives who would help us keep away from this cult if only we weren't taught to alienate them!

  • steve2

    Her tat got a tit from you. Well done.

  • skin
    Don't you love the way the writers of this booklet write the reasons people leave Jehovah, but they never address the real reason the majority leave the WT org. Can't have the R&F knowing this.
  • 3rdgen

    Xan, what a perfect response to her attempt at "encouragement". If anyone ever gives me a "Return" brochure I promise to do as you did!

    So far not even my closest family has bothered. They prefer to shun instead.

  • Divergent


    Don't you love the way the writers of this booklet write the reasons people leave Jehovah, but they never address the real reason the majority leave the WT org. Can't have the R&F knowing this.

    This is what I posted previously about the stupid brochure & its pathetic reasons -

    The 3 reasons:

    1. Anxiety

    2. Hurt feelings

    3. Guilt

    The reasons were irrelevant to me, except for the hurt feelings part. But that was not the main reason either. My main reasons were:

    1. Gross misinterpretation & misapplication of scripture / man-made rules - 2 witness rule, blood, organ transplants, etc.

    2. False prophecies - 1914, 1975, millions now living will never die, etc.

    3. Changes in doctrine / flip-flops - This generation, etc.

    4. Scandals - Child abuse, Malawi, UN, etc.

    5. Hypocrisy - JW's are supposed to be "no part of the world". Then why is the organization "riding on the back of the wild beast" by being affiliated with the UN???

    6. Lack of remose for actions - The organization has NEVER once sincerely apologized for the damaging effects of its policies even after backtracking or being proven wrong! On a side-note, neither does it apologize to those who they are trying to reach out to in this brochure. Something like: "We are deeply sorry if you have been affected in any way by the actions of some fellow believers. Please let us know what we can do to help!" A sincere apology goes a long way. Sadly, this is not the case in WT-land

    7. Lack of love in the congregation - The brochure addresses "hurt feelings", but misses the root cause of the problem altogether! There wouldn't be hurt feelings if there was true love in the first place! The brochure attempts to put the blame on the individual who was hurt, RATHER then telling the individual that if they return, the elders would do their utmost to address any problems with the individuals involved!

    8. You can NEVER do enough - The 2nd part of the brochure is titled: "Anxiety - Hard-Pressed in Every Way". My problem was that the congregation WAS the source of that very anxiety & causing me to be hard-pressed! Asking me to "DO MORE" does not help!!!

    9. I couldn't believe it anymore - I couldn't believe the common belief that God would destroy 99.99% of the world's population at Armageddon & only JW's would be saved. Wait... NOT all JW's would be saved - those "spiritually weak" ones would probably be destroyed as well. That DOES NOT fit the description of a loving God at all! I realized that the only reason why I was a witness was because I was born-in. If I was not, there was no way that I would be!

    10. I am NOT proud to be a JW anymore - It is an undeniable fact that the organization has more negative points rather than good - If you ask people what their impression of JW's is, would it be more positive or negative? If you think about it, the organization has brought more reproach upon God's name rather than glory, by means of all their scandals & man-made rules! They can't blame Satan as they are the ones shooting themselves in the foot!

  • Xanthippe
    Thanks everyone for your posts.

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