100 million year old Australian dinosaur has same skeletal structure as us

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  • doubtfull1799

    Since leaving the faith I have come to accept the facts and reality of evolution. And of course I've read much about comparative anatmony and how it helps us to see the links between our common evolutionary ancestors. However, its another thing to see it live in 3D. It is so obvious when you see a real life model of the skeleton such as this Australian dinosaur.

    As you can see in the picture, the limbs are structured exactly like ours with a single bone in the thigh/upper arm, and then two bones forming the lower arms and lower legs, just like we have. You can see the complex system of phalangeal bones forming the feet and hands. You can see the shoulder blade like we have etc. You can even see five fingers, though this dinosaur probably seems to have three fingers that were more prominent than the other two which you can easily see could have led to an opposable thumb and pinkie. The rib cage, the vertebrae, all look very similar to our own.

    So if you are still struggling with the idea of evolution may I please encourage you to visit a natural history museum (something I have never done before, this happened to be in our local national museum as a special display) and see the skeletons for yourself and ponder just how similar they are to a modern humans.

  • zeb

    Kerumbs! the bobtail skinks in the strawberry patch are bad enough! Imagine this wandering around the garden.

  • Diogenesister

    I love to see the shows on TV when they get an animal death (sadly, it's always natural though) and they point out some comparative anatomy for us. For instance a whales vestigial leg, or a horse's wrist, the fins of a dolphin where you can so clearly see the digits...same with a bat. I mean we all are "one kind" truth be told.

    But if you ereally want to see the indisputable face of evolution, literally, go see the skulls and especially teeth of some of our hominid cousins. Homo habilis, Homo Egaster, Homo Erectus, Neaderthal man, Homo florensis....you can clearly see they are *not* apes when you look at the position of the skull to the spine, look at the teeth ( I always think this is the most fascinating area). Even studying the australiopithecines (? Spelling), these are clearly not like modern apes (bi-pedal)yet not hominid. Just the smallest time spent looking, reading and comparing will blow your mind that there were many different kinds of human...now all gone except for us.

    And the creepiest thing is they died out around the same time we arrived on the scene. Yes, other factors like climate could have come into play but given our history it doesn't look good for us.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    And then there are those hominins which outwardly look human, well almost human, but instead of the modern flexible thinking brain they function using the so called 'lizard' brain. I understand there are some living specimens found in upstate New York.

  • jaydee

    @Half banana....and according to David Icke, apparently the entire Royal family too.....


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