Why Are So Many JWs Ex-Catholic?

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  • Hamas

    Because they are so desperate to lose the concept of hell and live life guilt free.


  • HuskerMike

    that is such a standard answer. Like I said, I did not leave after my "youth". I left after 28 years. I was NOT simply falling asleep in church. By the way, the CC now allows for Bible Studies, they did NOT happen years ago.

    I knew my comments would likely tick someone off, but sometimes the truth hurts. Like I said, I have many, many catholic friends and most family is still Catholic. I can say with complete confidence that they know very little of the Bible and do not study it. Ever. Nor did most that I grew up with.

    Sure there are some great examples of knowledgeable Catholics, however, this is far from the norm. I wish it were. I truly do. I would not have left if I truly believed that the Bible (and its teachings) held more significance than the teachings of men.

    I would like you to clearify what you mean by the Bible as a "tradition". In the sense that it is a source of history, sure. But I guess I am not sure what you mean by that.

  • Hamas

    Welcome, HuskerMike.

    I hope you like it here, my friend.

  • HuskerMike

    me too, but darn it if I don't get sideways with at least one person a day

    I don't mean to offend anyone, really I don't. I was just relating my experience as a Catholic. I do get offended by Caths who simply dismiss my experience (and most that i know still doing same) as "you didn't try hard enough". I did. To no avail, most Caths that actually care that I left still see me as one who didn't try. One actually had the audacity to claim that I left because the Catholic church was too hard and I wanted the easy path. Man did I laugh at that. As a Catholic, most was left up to the priest on my behalf. Or, my prayers were written for me, Hail Mary etc. Read the Bible, "if you have time, otherwise don't worry bout that".

    Like I stated in my very FIRST post, this is simply my life experience. No more no less. Also, there may be a multitude of Caths out there that are very contrary to my circle of experience, maybe.

  • waiting

    hello bluesapphire,

    I tend to agree totally with Mike. MOST Catholics - in fact, every Catholic I ever met - knows almost nothing of Bible details. They may know the gist................but I've even talked with nuns in door-to-door who didn't know where the book of John could be found. And did the jw's snicker when they got back to the car. Even priests were unlearned about the bible. They knew the basics - and the ones I met, didn't seem to care about the rest. This does NOT mean that same persons weren't well informed in many other areas....just not the bible verses jw's dwelled upon.

    In Indiana, the use of the term "Bible Tradition" meant the basic idea was found in the bible (or biblical characters)....but the Catholic Church then used the idea however they wanted. Ie: Peter is the Rock that Christ's church was founded upon." "Keys of St. Peter" "Sacred Mysteries" etc. The CC, imho, bases most of their teachings on tradition......and I think most, if not all, other Christian Churches do the same. Or they base them totally on the bible - which is even more depressing.

    Just because someone is ignorant of the bible doesn't necessarily dictate a negativity. It could be a compliment.


  • mizpah

    Protestants may have known a little more about the Bible. But in the Baptist church where I grew up it was mostly the Bible stories we knew. There was very little discussion on Bible doctrine. In fact, it wasn't until I became a JWs that I realized what the church taught about the trinity, soul and hell. But, we did bring a Bible to church. And we were usually awarded a Bible upon baptism. I sat in a small Bible group in another Baptist church just a few years ago. While studying, two members expressed their opinions that they didn't believe that Jesus was God. The minister and the other members who were attending never said a word. I don't think the members were aware that it was one of the principle teachings of the church...although one would think the minister did. Maybe these doctrinal differences are not important any more.

    Jehovah's Witnesses had a similar advantage of Bible knowledge over both Protestants and Catholics. The churches were very negligent in teaching the Bible. And this often impresses people at the door. What they don't realize is that they know the Bible as interpreted by the Watchtower Society. Whether or not it impresses Catholics more than Protestants, I don't know. But I think there may be other important factors.

  • patio34
    Witch, I am new here and please do not be offended, but I have to agree with the stereotype of Catholics being ignorant of the Bible. I grew up Catholic, went to C School 2-12 grades and left the churce after 28 years of life. I knew nothing of the Bible. Obviously, it is read at Mass, but there are no true "Bible studies" or the like.

    So HuskerMike, just because YOU didn't listen during Mass or attend any of the many bible studies, doesn't mean the Church doesn't have them. The Bible itself is a Tradition of the church or didn't you learn that when you were Catholic?

    The fact is that all children in any religion tend to daydream during church services. Then when they grow up, many switch religions thinking, "I didn't learn anything in my religion....." When the reality is that since it is not a FORCED to attend and answer word for word in a high control atmosphere, then it is up to the individual. You get what you put in.

    Having been thru Catholic schools for 12 years, I can attest to what HuskerMike and Waiting said! How could Catholics back then (1950s&60s) know anything about the Bible? And believe me, I tried when I started with the JWs, I met with the priest on Wednesdays and the JWs on Saturdays. And I asked more than one priest. And I looked stuff up in Catholic literature in the library. Bible education for RCs was non-existent then.

    BlueSapphire, did you ever go to a Catholic service back then? It was mostly in Latin--there was very little Bible instruction, if any! In school, we had to memorize catechism lessons, so we had no choice to daydream if we wanted to pass.

    Mike was "spot on" on why I became a JW--the RC church offered nothing in the way of Bible knowledge.


  • Panda

    Why so many ex-catholics? Because we're such a rebellious sort! AND when studying with the borg we used the Bible... that was really new for me. And I was willing to condemn anything I was raised with at that time. I needed to belong to a select group knowing what the TRUTH really was! jws make you feel like you are real smart to join them.

    Now I live in the south and the dubs were baptist and from various non-demo churches. Most of the hispanics I know are not catholic! They belong to small hispanic churches either pentecostal or whatever.

    "Our day will come old friend, just not today."

  • meadow77

    I have to agree with the idea that the catholic religion is based so heavily in traditions that regular bible study is not often a big priority. I can say this with confidence as my family is catholic and I married a former catholic. This is not to suggest that catholics are ignorant, but it is true that much of what their religion teeters on is traditions to save them, not accurate bible knowledge. I would also like to point out that I know not ALL catholics are "poor bible students." It's just to be in that religion is to think more about confession and what not. So when someone comes to your door saying all the right things and "appears" to be very knowledgable about scripture, two things happen. First, you don't have the biblical knowledge to refute what they say, and so second you tend to believe them.

  • waiting

    To all who read this:

    And believe me, I tried when I started with the JWs, I met with the priest on Wednesdays and the JWs on Saturdays. And I asked more than one priest. And I looked stuff up in Catholic literature in the library. Bible education for RCs was non-existent then. - patio

    "And believe me" - patio.

    Please believe her. I was the unlucky new jw who studied with her.....her younger sister to boot. Damn, that was One Tough Catholic. lol - she was One Tough JW too.

    Now? Damned woman is still tough.

    Hiya Patio!


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