Let Us Create A True Religion...

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  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan

    The WTS feels that they are the true religion because they place tons of literature based on their own interpretations and because they show true Christian love for one another. This forum is testimony to the validity of their cause so I won't bother to repeat the obvious.

    But if a true religion were to exist, I belive it shoud be based on the following:

    1) The development of the human being.

    - Helping it's members improve their lives not just in a spiritual sense, but also in a secular way by promoting education and self improvement at all levels. By educating it's members, a true religion can produce people who are of true value to their communities - instead of sending brainwashed door-knockers and-kid touchers into the world.

    2) Showing their true love of God and humanity by performing acts of charity that truly matter.

    - Even Jesus performed real acts of kindness to humans, he fed people, and cured the sick. He didn't just spend all of his time 'talking' about the kindgom to come. A true religion should take the lead in humanitarian projects. It should not build it's reputation on publications full of misinterpretations.

    3) A true religion should encourage Bible literacy, but should leave the interpretations and predictions to God and Jesus.

    - A true religion should promote the hope that God has placed before mankind, but it should avoid predictions and interpretations. It is enough to know that Jesus is the Son of God and that Satan is their opposer and ours. The Bible was not created as an enigmatic source of frustration. It was written to provide us with a clear and simple hope - that we can all live again in a better world by having faith in God and the sacrifice of His Son.

    - A true religion should also promote the open and honest discussion of Bible topics but should avoid dogmatic doctrines. Religous doctrine should apply only in the most practical and reasonable sense.

    4) True religion should avoid using rank and lofty 'class systems' to govern itself.

    - It is possible for a religous organization to govern itself if the lead is taken by men and women who are well educated, responsible, and have shown their love of mankind and of God through their works and fine ethic both in and out of the home. These members can be elected from within the congregation. Unlike the so-called 'governing body' of the WTS, these members will use their talents to help promote a safe, diverse, and productive environment so that all can participate in making this world a better place.

    5) Those who take the lead will also promote the well being of it's youth at all levels.

    - Children and teenagers will be taught to become physically and morally fit. The family bond will be strengthened by teaching parents to engage in constructive activities with their children, as opposed to leaving them in the wandering hands of a 'bible teacher'. Education and cultural awareness will aslo be of paramount importance to our youth. Wherever outside intervention is necessary to protect the welfare of a child, it will be used without exception.

    6) Charitable projects will be nonprofit in origin. All proceeds will be used to address the needs of the local community.

    - The sale of publications will not be forced upon our members nor allowed. If any funding is needed, it will be obtain through legal channels and it's proceeds will be used to address the needs of the local community. Our members will not be exploited as 'publishers' or distribution outlets. Their minds and their hearts will be employed in a dignified and honorable manner by helping others the way God truly intended.

    7) Voting in political elections will be allowed. Military service will be left to the conscious of it's members.

    - Until God bring his kingdom to earth, our members will be allowed to vote in recognition of the fact that governments have the right to maintain the good order and welfare of it's citizens as stated in the Bible. Voting is nothing more than supporting the decision making process of it's citizens - not the rule of Satan. It is the belief of this writer that Satan rules where chaos and religous tryrants are present. Although Democracy is imperfect, it is the only alternative we have until God's kingdom is restored on earth.

    - Furthermore, all of our members have the right to defend themselves, their family, their way of life. Just as you would call a policeman to protect you from a rapist, or a thief, a soldier is also called upon to protect the needs of the population as a whole. It is up to the individual member to decide if military service is appropriate for him or her.

    If you have any thoughts on this, or would like add to this please let me know. Perhaps you can help me come up with a name for this?

  • blondie

    Hey there LAFM,

    Religion does not equal spirituality.

    What is truth? (very subjective)

    The people on this board have a hard time accepting there might have to be guidelines for posting on JWD. So which "US" do you plan on using to "create a true religion"?


  • Gopher

    The problem with nearly every organization, be it religious or otherwise, is that as it grows it changes. It becomes more set in its ways. It loses its original ideals. To keep control of its growing membership, it develops new, stricter rules.

    In other words, when you organize around an ideal, eventually the organization destroys the ideal. Self-preservation and rank become the goals.

  • Elsewhere

    Oh lord... here we go again... yet another TRUE religion.

    Get in line buddy...

  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan


    I'm not quite sure what you mean. But, my post was meant to start a discussion on what a true religion should do as opposed to what the WTS does with their definition of this term.

  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan


    You gotta admit, it does make better sense than what the WTS has in mind.

  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan


    I agree with you on some of your points. But how much control does an organization like the one I described really need? After all, our goal would be to address the practical needs of the communities and needs of our members. We wouldn't be trying to brainwash the world with useless theories.

  • Satanus

    Ok, who matches your description? We apostates do fairly well. We promote bible literacy, though most of us fail in jesus as god's son. But then, i believe that all humans are god's sons, on equal footing w your concept of jesus as god's son. Most people just haven't realised it yet.

    Unitarians also, to a degree.


  • blondie

    And I say why start any religion when spirituality is not met in that way.

    How do you define truth? But what measuring rod? Perception is an individual thing. How do you determine absolute truth? Is absolute truth necessary? Is your truth, my truth?

    Is it a religion if only one person is a member?

    Theories about what the true religion could be end as soon as you add a person to the mix; then change again when another person is added. Those pesky people ruin your theories because they just won't conform.

    Because that is where it starts, inside each person.

    Actually, I hate theorizing. It is more challenging and productive to deal with the here and now than than worry about what might have been and what could be if the ideal circumstances were present.


  • mizpah


    All those goals are admirable and desirable. But the problems come when a person or group tries to go back to being like the "privitive Christian church." Unfortunately, we do not have the Apostles and early disciples to answer many of the questions that would arise as to organizational structure and doctrinal beliefs. And the Bible was never written to be a definitive text book on these subjects.

    Someone would have to decide how the church is to be structured and what beliefs are to be followed. And that is when the disputes and arguments begin. And when this happens all the altruistic goals fly out the window.

    It is better for Christians today to develop a personal relationship with God and Christ. Then, one's faith isn't depended upon a human institution. A mutual respect for all Christians (and non-Christians) allow for fellowship and love. Association will grow naturally from this source without the limitations of narrow denominational surroundings.

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