Thier new Bible translations funny Scripture and how stupid they are.

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    Rock & Roll and Blues... is there anything else?
  • jhine
    Sorry , l got verses muddled up , in verse 3 it is Adonai but in verse 1 the Tetragrammaton is used . So it is Yahweh , Jehovah who appears to Abraham . Also as pointed out Yahweh appears to other people as well . So by using their beloved word Jehovah they have created a problem . As OFS points out the " angel " in question accepts Abraham bowing down to him .
    Diogenesister , thanks for that mental picture ! Not . Jan
  • talesin

    crazyguy - I live on campus, and end-of-term yard sales and freebies are legend in this neighbourhood.

    One of my good 'finds' last summer - was a bible. The Complete Bible: An American Translation, Smith & Goodspeed.

    It's leather-bound and the paper is beautiful. I saw it in the box and thought 'hmm, I don't have any Bible at home, in case I want to look something up (yes, it's online, but I love books and enjoy the tactile satisfaction that a good book provides). It was free, so "Yoink". It includes "The Apocrypha". I've leafed through it, has "Book of Maccabees" and others.

    It seems to be an interesting translation.

    Genesis 18

    "The Lord appeared to him at the terebinth of Mamre, as he was sitting at the doorway of his tent ..."

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