Where to go for the 'Deep Things'?

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  • moreconfusedthanever

    It's all just fluff and nonsense. The teenagers getting baptised because they have to would have no clue what their religious beliefs are and certainly could not explain it. They know Armageddon is coming and you can't celebrate Xmas and birthdays etc.

    Everyone is happy that they do not need to research anymore and happy they can just click and read what the GB has prepared for them never asking if it is actually true.

  • floridaborn

    When I asked about this I was told "we are now being trained how to live in the new system. We are being refined." Um mm....I thought we needed knowledge to make it there. Silly me always thinking too much.

  • WTWizard

    If the washtowel doesn't provide anything to study that damnation book, I would advise people to go to whatever web sites that openly bash the whole book. And ask questions. Why do they focus so heavily on Israel, for instance? Does this mean the book is invalid unless you are within Greater Israel? And, is it out of date? It was closed about 1,950 years ago--meaning that, even if you are within Jerusalem, it no longer applies?

    And, why are there so many death threats? Does this mean that joke-hova's requirements go against natural laws? Why did they unnecessarily offer so many animal sacrifices? Why was Cain penalized for offering vegetables when people, according to the book of lies, were vegan? Why are there so many sacrifices? Why do those sacrifices continue even after krayst supposedly offered up the perfect, complete sacrifice to which nothing ever need be added? (Such as sacrificing one's time and resources to this enslavement and communism generating waste of time). Why is there such a panic about even researching spiritism? Or, could it be that the whole LIE-ble is about preventing mankind from attaining its best condition?

    Maybe if people would study it from that perspective, they might get the real deep things out of that damnation, enslavement book. And they might ask whether it is advisable to even trust that book when it is full, not of mistakes, but of lies.

  • BluesBrother

    If oldies are honest, they might admit that they miss the “spiritual meat” ... You should hear my wife grumbling about it.....at home only of course.

    The rest are happy to just repeat the stuff in 12 yr old English with no mental exertion. They can just click a link and get all the answers... Meeting prep is a 10 minute job now.

  • waton

    There are no more deep things in the cart displays, jworg. but, even current wt teachings are deep, because they are full of pitfalls, wt bible contradictions.

  • floridaborn

    Remember the horrible written review?? Do they do anything like that now at the new midweek meetings?

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