Old Relative Not Happy About Push To Use Ipads Etc

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  • prologos

    My observation, after the meetings, all the nerds gather around the KH computer center and talk their talk, older ones approach and let the youngsters help them with their ipads. only the oldest close to, over 90 are not involved. The wt religion is now tending to the mashines (sic). the knowledge is in the machines, not "in the hearts" according to the new covenant. The knowledge is tightly controlled, outside the website, the world does not matter.

  • ThunderStruck52

    My mom is 67 years old and is happily using her Ipad for all her studying. What cracks me up is how adamantly she would refuse to use technology for years but as soon at the GB pressured/commanded/sanctioned (whatever you choose to call it) their use, she was on board! She doesn't even realize how her life and any choices are not in her hands. Its disturbing to say the least. I couldn't convince this lady to attend my wedding or have a meaningful relationship with her grandchildren, but the GB can pretty much talk her into anything. SMH

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    My mid-80 year old (45 years a JW) mother has been spoken to by the elders why she continues to use the paper literature, rather than an iPad. Crazy!

  • oldskool
    My mid-80 year old (45 years a JW) mother has been spoken to by the elders why she continues to use the paper literature, rather than an iPad. Crazy!

    Just sad.

    10 years ago she probably would have gotten a standing round of applause at a DC (yes DC i'm oldskool) if she described her love of the magazines, reading the books, ect. Now she gets the shaft.

    Sad to hear the religion is filled with more pretentious assholes than when I walked out 12 years ago.

  • konceptual99

    Tough luck for your relative. They better get on board the chariot. Tablets and electronic content is not just another method of accessing material, it's the way you have to go.

    According to the WT study from this weekend....

    We need to employ the preaching tools provided by God’s organization. Do you desire to do that? Are you alert to the guidance given at our meetings on how we can use these tools and how to do so most effectively? Do you view these directions as guidance from God?

    Get with the program or be classed as baulking against guidance from Jehovah.

  • zeb

    My heartfelt empathy goes to these old folks for another reason. They will come across sites and sights that will cause them very great distress. It may be porn or the latest butchery in the middle east. But in either case they are now being exposed to things that the wt has said for ever not to look upon. All because of this flip-flop onto the latest gizmos.

  • TheListener

    I have several older relatives. I've posted their tech stories on other threads before. Basically, they have no real clue how the stuff works and as soon as something needs updating or doesn't work exactly right they're up @#$S creek without a paddle.

    Prologos is right, my relatives talk to the younger ones after the meetings to get help with their tablets and phones.

    They are on a fixed income but managed to buy several tablets since it's a necessary expense for the ministry.

    On the surface they love the technology but if you dig a bit deeper or listen when their guard is down in the evening (since I'm out they try hard to never speak bad about their religion when I'm around, but when you're with them enough they can't help but let their real personality slip out) and you will hear them complain about how confusing the technology is and how they miss having all their printed copies with their study notes available and how they keep running out of memory.

    They also seem to end up with multiple copies of almost every WT piece of literature. They don't seem to know how to save the files for future use and I've heard them say they've had to study the same WT more than once.

    My wife, not really older, uses the tech but very limited. She likes her printed copy of most things but since asking for a printed study WT, according to her, is embarrassing and the same with the CLAM thingy she uses that electronically. No idea what she does in service - which she seems to do as little of as possible.

    One last thing, the older dubs I know seem to think that their use of the tablets and technology is waaaaay superior to the way others are using it and that they are somehow in the forefront of the electronic revolution. Hearing them speak can make you sick.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I tried my best to resist it as I truly enjoy the written/printed word, but it seems that to do so here in the States means to fall behind big time and being from a crew of hardcore 'all things' JWs, I just couldn't let that happen and still keep the peace.

    I gave up and caved as usual.


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