Drug could reduce bleeding deaths of JW moms. WT Pay Attention

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  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    You are pulling statements of out context Darkspilver. Continue reading the second statement for your answer.

  • darkspilver

    Bear in mind, however, that physicians are not generally inclined to take unsolicited medical advice from a religious publishing corporation to begin with, particularly when there is no double blind study to confirm it is a best practice.

    Yes, that is very true

    Which is some what ironical

    As I was reminded today of this thread when Ruby456 provided a link to a leaflet, produced in 2013, by the UK's National Health Services - "Transfusion Alternatives for patients who refuse blood and blood products"

    And guess what the very FIRST item listed is? - Tranexamic Acid.


    Then there's WHO - the World Health Organisation - apparently they produce a leaflet that they call "List of Essential Medicines"

    And guess what they've included as an 'essential' medicine since March 2011? - Tranexamic Acid.


    Yes, as Linda Loman said: "Attention must be paid."

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