When Elders Drink and Get tooo Relaxed

by Luther bertrand 4 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Luther bertrand
    Luther bertrand
    What was the craziest thing you have ever heard an elder say after getting sauced?
  • smiddy

    Not that I can answer your question specifically Luther

    . However I was an MS and associated with Elders socially and we all had plenty to drink at functions without getting drunk / I would say we could drink a lot without being visibly intoxicated .And in those days you could get away with it.and even drive.

    We did have a good social life.among the J.W.`s

    Nobody in our circle of friends was ever charged with drink driving.

    Of course this never happened every weekend , maybe it happened once or twice a year in my 33 years as a J.W. , just to set the record straight.

    No way could you get away with that nowadays.


  • stuckinarut2
    I can tell you the most detailed, intimate information about judicial cases, courtesy of some elders who were very liberal with info after a few drinks!......
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    When eldubs and MS's have a few, you really start to learn that many of them ''have waters that run deep''. More like a raging torrent of water which 'runs deep' within them. Can be very 'interesting' individuals per se. To know that some of the ''holier ones'' could be quite cool , if they weren't hiding behind the WT religious curtain 24/7!!

  • Naoscillator
    If Bernie Sanders gets elected he will ban religion.

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