JW driver dies transporting literature to Honduras 01/09/2016....disturbing comments by local elder!!

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  • krismalone
    On 01/09/2016 a JW driving an 18 Wheeler trailer full of JW literature dies as a result of an accident. The trailer departed from Guatemala and heading to Honduras to drop shipment. A local elder is interviewed as he arrives on the scene.
    This sick disgusting elder only talks about the loss of the literature. Nothing is said to express his condolences for the loss of the driver or the poor family he has just left behind!!! He even uses that opportunity to spread the cults propaganda. No remorse for the loss of life is seen in his eyes or face.


  • krismalone
  • vivalavida

    In so many aspects Honduras honors its name: "Depths". Not only in this case, but overall it is like they keep getting deeper and deeper in calamities and problems. I am really sorry for the relatives.


  • steve2

    I could only watch so much before concluding the whole exercise of filming in front of an inferno as the presenter flickied through the pages of a JW Bible completely turned my stomach.

    Forget the elder for a moment will you.

    What is it with television crews staging presentations with the tragic blaze raging in the middleground? That is not principle news reporting at all - but mindless grabbing viewers' attention for the sake of ratings.

    The television crew, including the cameraman and presenter, are deplorable, while the elder is dull and predictable.

  • stuckinarut2

    Spot on Steve!

    Well said sir!

  • kaik
    So sad. I do not understand Spanish, but I am not surprised with the lack of empathy. 24 years ago, an elder drove his car to local convention and had an accident where he died and so did his grandson. The accident happened less than five minutes from the convention. JWs were driving by, and they did not stop because they did not want to be a late and miss a part of the program. However, everyone in my quarter debated that they had seen the crash, and top of it several people recognized the car of the elder!
  • talesin

    The youtube translator is not great, but I could get the gist of what was being said. You would think that any 'citizen' (ie, not first responder or press) would be all choked up - seeing that charred body of the motorcyclist being drug off was enough for me. But no, the elder goes on and on about the books lost in the fire. And the poor driver, who could be heard crying out for help, was unreachable. No concern from the elder, not even a mention!

    Yes, you will know them by their [lack of] love.

    Steve2 - the background showed them pulling out the charred body of the motorcyclist. And at the very end, a pic of a charred body being wheeled off on a gurney. We don't need to see that. One of the reasons I don't watch 'news'. smh

  • LongHairGal


    Even though television news crews are tacky, the JWs are just plain callous!

    The religion has eroded their sensibilities to the extent that many of them have no real feelings and are numb. They treat people in the congregations like this all the time, even their own flesh and blood. Some might call it "tough love", but it's more like indifference or even hate in some instances.

    I don't think you can expect any better from brainwashed people.

  • Mandrake

    This is shocking! The men burned alive while was trapped, the people there tried to get him out but couldn't... I have me goosebumps when I saw the body of the poor man being pulled out! He was Guatemala, so they were having some troubles in identifying him.

    ironically the accident took place in the so called "Devil's curve"...

    the he man, the "elder" is a shame for all humanity, using the free tv time for just spread shit... "The people were waiting for the literature... Is a big loss.."... Unbelievable!!! THE MAN JUST BURNED ALIVE! (I'm a native Spanish speaker so no mistranslations, the man was alive and people couldn't do anything to save him cos he was trapped)

  • biblexaminer
    Obviously the truck crashing is another sign that Jesus is here, "in the wilderness". How encouraging for the brothers who are not connected to the family. Their faith is bolstered.

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