wedding anniversarys

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  • zeb

    who makes anything of this?

    We live under the same roof but separate lives so i dont. and no flowers either as the it was two days after the last convention she went to that she noticed the last lot.

    So.. incoming please.

  • smiddy3

    I`m sorry zeb ,i couldnt make much sense of this post ,Take care Bro.

    I have Pm`d you

  • Listener

    Sorry to hear this Zeb, you are in a loveless marriage. So much for this years convention that is supposedly about love.

    She did notice them but chose not to say anything. That's more than rude.

  • dozy
    So much for this years convention that is supposedly about love.

    Yeah - but we all know that is really about love for the Society rather than within families. Sorry to hear , Zeb. Been there myself with my ( now ) ex - you can kind of keep on making the efforts but sooner or later it often just isn't going to work out if it isn't reciprocated or appreciated and maybe if family circumstances allow etc it's time for both parties to move on and find someone who does care about them.

    I have lost count of the number of many loveless marriages in the Org with no way out - it's a toxic environment for many relationships for various reasons ( three in the marriage etc etc ). Sad..... :-(

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    At an event I recently attended, I assured two committed JW's that the only "persecution" I ever received after being baptised, was from JW's - especially from the Elders in both of my congregations.

    The cult mentality & dictatorship was clear to see, but I couldn't see it at the time because I was so dedicated to "following the direction of the "slave."

    To all JW's - do you genuinely still believe that you are in a clean, theocratic organization - God's organization - or do you now realize that you are just a source of "sustenance" for a global corporate leech?

    The WTBTS gambled the org's resources on Wall St. - and lost big time! Waken up to the real truth.

  • WingCommander


  • tiki

    Sorry zeb....sad way to live. But...I had a fabulous marriage and we never went all overboard about fact I would have to remind him what day it was. Its about the life...not a one day celebration.

  • blondie

    zeb, anniversaries, eh, either you love someone, or you don't. Celebrating anniversaries won't make a bad marriage better. Love and/caring is not on a schedule.

    Sorry to hear; it is sad when one mate seems to give up.


  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    I'm right there with you zeb. My wife and I are nothing more than roommates. But that is changing very soon...

  • zeb

    the kindness of you all is touching.

    I meant I dont say or do anything on the wa day. I kept up the pretense for some years and found that any recognition like flowers or small gift was a gold approval of all the denial she practices. I finally said enough.

    Flowers. Yes not noticed. I think that was after a convention. I had the house all spik n span and I dont live like bum either and the spread of flowers on the table.

    The last wa day she had the s*** on all day the air was electric I said nought she said nought but it passed.

    thankyou all.

    any jw female reading this be a where that this can happen to you when you sell your 'soul' to the wt. If you find you prefer the company of sisters to your husband you are already on the slope..

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