Soon will be no choice but to invade North Korea.

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    There is NO WAY in hell that these brainwashed fools will cease making Nukes. Their doctrines are based on "death to America"..."never surrender" they are much more messed up then Iran! War will be the final solution.

  • Simon

    Please explain your logic.

    Should "we" also invade Turkey? China? India? Pakistan?

    North Korea is a paranoid state and technically the Korean war is still ongoing. Look at the rhetoric they are hearing and the armed masses that have camped on their border for the last 40 years and ask "does this encourage a state such as North Korea to feel that they need nuclear weapons?"

    Anyone advocating for war against North Korea is crazy. They are not Afghanistan, Libya or Iraq and we know how "well" those turned out. They have been preparing for war for decades - even school children regularly take part in military drills, roads have tank-traps built at regular intervals and so on.

    Don't think the US can drive a few Abrams tanks through the gate and they'll give up. Make a choice if you want to start firing nukes that close to China and Russia but think well.

    Also, forget anyone else following the US to war. I think those days are past.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Simply I don't think they will ever negotiate it's a sign of weakness. They will move forward developing nuke weapons until it comes to a head. War is not what I want I just dont see them caving in and handing over the Nukes. Like you said they ALREADY are at war in their view.


    Anyone advocating for war against North Korea is crazy......Simon

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    "If We Use Butter, Maybe We Can Get Him Out."

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  • bohm

    Witness 007: Without major diplomatic efforts involving China the NK nuclear program is unstoppable; it is important to emphasize they have nuclear weapons it is just a matter of easier delivery at this point.

    Unfortunately, there is no good military option against NK, which is why the bluster about red lines and first strikes makes little sense. According to current planning (the stuff which is publically accessible; interesting reading BTW), NK would be defeated, mainly because their equipment is old and their stockpile of weapons and fuel is not very deep, but it would be at a very great loss to South Korea.

    On top of that comes two great unknowns. The first is that NK and China are in a military alliance such that hostile action against NK would put the US and China at war legally(!). Nobody knows exactly how that would be interpreted in practice, but it may mean that China would try to ensure NK territorial integrity.

    The second great unknown is that we don't know which political and ethnic assumptions NK act on because it is such a closed country. They may well believe they could win a war, and there is good evidence that they believe the right way to signal strength is through a willingness of escalations. That makes "tough" diplomatic response, especially when it is not thought out and haphazard like what Trump has been doing, dangerous.

  • cofty

    I think there is a high degree of risk that NK will make a preemptive strike.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    The truly scary thing that experts are talking about is not that NK will strike first because even though the dictator is crazy he wants to live and he knows the US would just wipe him off the face of the earth. But the scary part is that the NK will sell the nuclear technology to terrorists or other groups that aren't so pragmatic

  • freemindfade

    It's all my own conspiracy theory, but I have a gut feeling their recent missile test failures could have been a little wake-up message from either China or America, via hacking or laser defense system. I just think someone is quietly showing them they don't have a chance.

    I feel bad for the people there because they literally live under a national cult. It's really sad.

  • cofty
    even though the dictator is crazy he wants to live and he knows the US would just wipe him off the face of the earth

    I don't share your confidence. I think he actually believes his own publicity.

  • freddo

    I'm with Cofty.

    I mean, who's gonna tell Bad Hair Kim that he is wrong about anything and that NK cannot beat any other nation in a war?

    Anyone who doesn't clap like a sea-lion when Fat Boy Kim looks at them gets a chemical facemask or gets taken out and shot.

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