REVEALED: The number of Bethelites over the years

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  • Hecce

    Thanks DS

    I have never seen this figures before, interesting that anointed are going up and Bethelites are going down. Some factors to be considered:

    Automation has made possible to cut down in workers.

    Production decrease, they don't need as many people as before due to decreased publication numbers.

    Remote work, the commuters were already mentioned, but there is also a lot work done by people with special skills from their homes; some of them are very far away.

    Secrecy, I don't think that is so clear cut as to who are they counting, with all the labor and legal implications it could be their intention to show a smaller work force.

    So maybe what some might see as a declining operation could be for them a leaner operation.

    Thanks for the work.

  • _Morpheus

    Interesting question on the support staff for the support staff... when i was in the laundry in the early 90’s there were over 100 full time laundry people and housekeepers came once a week for a rotation helping to fold clothes. Many of the staff were sisters, people they needed fo find work for. I cant specifically comment on the ratio of support to actual needed staff but it seemed like a lot of the muckety mucks wanted a comfortable life. Their jobs wernt particuarly hard and yet they had 3 meals cooked and prepared every day, their rooms cleaned and their laundry done. It was a hellva good life for the upper echelon who worked office jobs 9 hours a day. For those of us who not only performed their menial labor 9 hours a day, worked Saturdays did dish duties watchman duties and as laundry guys did extra chute duties too it wasnt so comfy.

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