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  • mrquik

    Welcome those JW's who lurk here with the purpose of affirming their religion. This website was designed for all to express their opinions & beliefs openly. Many exJW's have pursued all different avenues of belief & you may take issue with those that stray too far from your personal ones. As a true believer, you know that Jehovah is a god of reason so let's go with that common ground & reach a logical conclusion using your doctrine:

    1914. Not one shred of historical evidence leading to this date as the beginning of the end. Russell plagiarized this date. Of all the signs Jesus gave as evidence of the last days " earthquakes in one place after another" has not materialized. Nor have any of the other signs. Jesus gave that prophesy in 33 CE. It was initially fulfilled in 70 CE. One generation. A period of time for those who heard the warning being able to benefit. Overlapping generations? I won't even dignify a response.

    If 1914 is not the beginning; you're still living in the "Gentile Times". Which means, the one true religion isn't here. All who die now get a free pass to a resurrection. This also means the " one true religion isn't here. Which means you're not it. Which means you're actually a part of FALSE religion & Babylon the Great. This also means you, your children, your grandchildren will grow old & die.

    The question of "Where would we go?" is flawed. The real question is "When". Which means you could have lived your life anyway you wanted. The sacrifices you have made to a false manmade religion are of no merit to God. Start the Great Awakening. To the adults still in, get out !!!!. Get your children out. Get your friends out. Go out & live life !!!

  • WingCommander

    That's an interesting perspective, that I myself never considered. That being, that since 1914 is NULL and VOID, then that means we are still in the Gentile Times, and the "one true religion" is in the future, and resurrection for us all in the future to learn about a perfect religion is a possibility. I know agnostics/atheists on here would disagree, so I'm referring to those of us whom still consider ourselves Christians. What an incredible weight lifted off!!

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    What happened in 1914, if anything, is irrelevant to my personal relationship with Jehovah and Jesus now.

    Jehovah's Witnesses taught me how to have a personal relationship with Jehovah and Jesus. No other religion knows the true natures of these spiritual beings.

    I'm sorry that being one of JW's didn't work out for you. It has for me. I'm happy.

    E-watchman has an interesting perspective on apostates in his podcast episode 69, between the 29-31 minute marks.

  • azor

    A watcher. As long as you and yours don't need blood I guess you'll be fine.

  • Crazyguy

    A watcher, saying no other religion has the true nature of these spiritual things , is very judge mental. Jesus said not to judge or exalt yourselves, so I guess you don't have a true spiritual understanding of jehovah and Jesus after all and because of this your personal relationship with jehovah and Jesus is not what you think. In fact Jesus maybe really up set with you right now.

  • just fine
    just fine

    I have found the JW religion to be false in nearly every way. AWatcher - you are saying it's ok to teach falsehoods because it still makes you happy. ( fine by me) but that is no different than any other religious belief system. Plenty of people find Jesus in other religions too.

  • WingCommander

    a Watcher, may I ask how old you are? Cause let me tell you something, if you had said this:

    "What happened in 1914, if anything, is irrelevant to my personal relationship with Jehovah and Jesus now."

    .....back when I was a kid in 1984, you would have been Disfellowshipped. What "happened" in 1914 was absolute core doctrine and TRUTH, not overlapping generational nonsense. If you didn't tow the party line 100%, making such a cavalier statement as you did above, you would have been disfellowshipped for a "lack of faith", then tossed out on your azz! THAT, would have effected your relationship with the Big J's, because once disfellowshipped, according to WT doctrine, Jehovah and Jesus don't even listen to your prayers.

    Stop trying to sugar-coat the BS. All of us on here are hip to it, and not buying a word of it. Happy as a JW? You mean, "woefully ignorant", and lapping up the slop that your GB Masters are serving you? do that! Good luck with all that.

  • Heartsafire

    @a watcher

    I'm sorry, but I cannot see how any organization that lies and deliberately manipulates its followers can be considered as teaching truth, especially regarding something as heavy as the nature of God.

    As for apostates, they are each so different one from the next that I find any generalizations about them rather unconvincing.

  • kairos

    A watcher:

    Jehovah's Witnesses taught me how to have a personal relationship with Jehovah and Jesus.

    That's simply a fabricated statement.
    Nobody can prove or show any evidence of a relationship with any non-human entities.

    The reality is the Governing Body taught you to believe they are "Jehovah". Imperfect men. Liars. Sinners. Greedy.

    Plus, shunning is hateful.

    You, along with with all of us, have been deceived.

  • mrquik

    Apostates, cult members, agnostics, atheists & those of us that just don't give a crap; it doesn't matter. If I'm right, we all get a " get out of jail" card. If I'm wrong, it won't matter anyway. I can't lose. I'm just putting it in print in case I'm right so later you can all tell me how smart I was.........

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