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  • CookieMonster

    So I stumbled across this the other day, please excuse me If it has already been posted. Don't know what you think but I found this idiotic, casting stereotypes and dangerous. So the scenario goes something like this, young brother finds himself in the company of a young lady at a bar. He ends up going home with her and they have consensual sex. He is now beaten up about all of this and to make matters worse she claims that she is pregnant and wants to marry him. The brother is feeling very remorseful and confesses to the elders. After a lot of head nodding the elders form a judicial committee. Now what I find idiotic is this:

    1) This young brother claims she "seduced" him. So its this worldly girl's fault he couldn't keep his trouser snake in check? The elders don't even try to refute this. All worldly girls are out to seduce our JW boys I guess.

    2) They meet at a bar, for the first time and hop into bed. The assumption that everyone gets jiggy when they first meet someone is false. In fact a survey showed that only 1 in 3 Americans have sex on the first date But I guess the Watchtower thinks all worldly girls will bed anything that moves.

    3) This girl claims she is pregnant. Of course she could be lying or the baby isn't his. However the fact that the young brother never questioned this means he did not use condom, what a moron.

    4) Which brings me to the idiotic elders. This young man probably went bareback with this lady who in their eyes sleeps around. Why didn't any of the elders ask or advice him to get tested? That should have been the No.1 concern and not what type of pornei he has committed or who should be in the JC.

    5) Now that she is pregnant, the worldly girl wants to marry him? There are many who fall pregnant from casual relationships but don't go running to get hitched. What planet are they on?

    6) Complete lack of concern for the girl. She is cast as the seducer of our poor brother who preys on men for her sexual gratification and one who is willing to sleep with anyone even without protection. Who knows what mental anguish she is going through, after all she is the one who will live with the consequences of this chance meeting for the rest of her life.

    7) In my opinion, this shows the stereo typical view the Watchtower has on "worldly" people and especially women. The elders completely failed in looking out for the physical and mental well being of these individuals. All they seem to be concerned about is who will be carrying the big stick for the JC.

  • darkspilver

    Hey CookieMonster!

    In fact a survey showed that only 1 in 3 Americans have sex on the first date

    A one-in-three chance eh?

  • ToesUp

    Now...if this young brother had kept this info to himself and later became an Elder and the matter became an issue later on, there is a "get out of jail free card" that the Elders can use. It basically states that if an Elder has committed a sin in the past, he's ok. It is in the Elders book. My husband knows the page and paragraph (this is one of the many reasons we are OUT). Maybe someone else knows the page and can post it.

    See the double standards and hypocrisy in this cult?

    You are is idiotic!

  • pale.emperor

    Two things here:

    1. Terrible acting from "the brother", why does his remorseful face look exactly like his "come face"?

    2. Shouldn't ALL videos and books be freely available to every congregation member? There's no hierarchy

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    Brother Sinner is such a wimp and the elders act like robots. Like so many Witlesses, the life has been sucked out of them.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    LOL - the WTBTS's lawyers claim "clergy-penitent privilege" and confidentiality in pedophile court-cases.

    The "clergy" immediately tells the penitent that they'll tell all their fellow elders about his fornication!

    Yes, "confidentiality" at its best. The courts should be shown this video to highlight the org lawyers' false claims.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    The elders didn't even ask if he'd had himself checked for STDs, completely ignoring the possibility that he may suffer life-long consequences if he doesn't get treatment right away. He is an adult, though, so maybe they figured if he's old enough to pick up a woman in a bar, he's old enough to look after himself.

    Worse, far worse in my book, is that they show no concern whatsoever for this new life he (may have) created. Whatever the circumstances, they should have reminded him of his responsibility to provide for this child, if proven to be his. Then they could have addressed the religious aspect.

    Here's what I think they should have said, in this order, when he first came to them:

    (1) If this really is your child, you have an absolutely responsibility to provide for it the best you can.

    (2) Get yourself checked out right away to make sure you're ok, and get treatment if it's needed.

    (3) Now, about your conduct...

  • BluesBrother

    One needs to see the next video also to get the story. The elders destroy his story and prove he had an ongoing relationship with her. They d/ f him.

    However they have not a thought for the girl. He is asked why he has not given her up abandoning his child. That cannot be right.

  • sparky1

    Elder Milquetoast, Elder Passive and Elder Weakling all giving 'Biblical counsel' to young Brother Nerd about sexual matters. In the whole group, I would venture to guess that not one of them has the ability to produce an earth shattering, multi orgasmic experience for a sexually healthy woman. If this video wasn't so sad, it would be hilarious. It seems to me: that you just can't make this shit up!

  • FedUpJW

    The idiotic assumption by JW's that everyone is thinking about doing mattress acrobatics when they first meet, are alone together, or with anyone of the opposite sex in their day-dreams just proves who REALLY is sex mad.

    They accuse the "world" of being sex-crazed yet they are the ones who have it one their minds and speak of it nearly non-stop. They are the ones who believe sex will happen just because you are alone with someone.

    It is so bad that I heard of a JW woman who works in home health care for the elderly (imagine that, someone actually caring about people) who was chastised because she drove a handicapped, wheel chair bound man nearly eighty to a doctors appointment in another town without. . .GASP. . .a chaperone.

    Yet a brown nosing MS is allowed to have his girlfriend over to his apartment after mid-week meeting late at night, alone, no one else there.


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