Why "... when it does touch on scientific matters [the Bible] is accurate" is bogus BS.

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  • jwleaks

    Nice OP especially considering a reader of the bible cannot get past Genesis chapter 1 without being subjected to scientifically innacurate information.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    When I was younger and doing my Bible reading with my father, he'd marvel at the "inspiration" of Job and Isiah and rave about the water cycle and other mundane observations. When I'd point out that the earth does not have "foundations", "four corners" or a heaven stretched just above us, he'd say, "this is of course POETIC language," and he'd whisk me over to Revelation where such apocalyptic (otherwise poetic) language is used in conjunction with such flat-earth descriptions. He'd reason that since the visions are by no means literal, why would the flat earth language in the same verses be taken literally as well? It's all just symbolic.

    Why he got to cherry pick which verses CAN be taken as literal and why others may not is yet to be revealed to me. Maybe I'll have a vision tonight with all the answers unveiled. Or a demonic attack (pseudo-seizure) whereby the answers are given to me from the other side. Or perhaps the earth will split open and swallow up my doubt (you know... like an earthquake). But hey, if that's blasphemy, I know I'll be plagued by a disease caused by a displeased God... not microorganisms.

    Seriously, if this above reasoning doesn't sound like wisdom from a gang of bronze age goat herders, I don't know WHAT has credibility anymore.

  • keinlezard


    Scientificaly exact ???

    Uhmm ... I don't think so

    For exemple Job 26:7 Suspending the earth upon nothing.

    First thing often those who want say "Bible is scientificaly exact" .. omit the this Verse is

    He stretches out the northern sky* over empty space,Suspending the earth upon nothing;

    In fact we see immediatly that something is wrong ... what is supposed to mean "streches out the sky over Empty space" ... this sentence has as is, not sense.

    Then we must read all the verse

    26 Job said in reply:

    2 “How you have helped the one with no power! How you have saved the arm that has no strength!+

    3 What great advice you have given to the one lacking wisdom! How freely* you have revealed your practical wisdom!*

    4 To whom are you trying to speak, And who inspired you to say such things?*

    5 Those who are powerless in death tremble; They are even lower than the waters and their inhabitants.

    6 The Grave* is naked in front of God,And the place of destruction* lies uncovered.

    7 He stretches out the northern sky* over empty space,Suspending the earth upon nothing;

    And this time the meaning is quite different the Verse 5 say "those whi ... in death"

    verse 6 says again "The Grave" and "the place of destruction lies uncovered" ...

    then verse 7 indicate "he stretched out the sky over empty space" ... this empty space is the Grave ( Dead doesn't know nor dream" this place is really empty.

    And this earth is upon this empty place. Not in space like JW say ... but upon the grave wich is the empty place.

    When we read context we see that it's not Scientificaly exact , because it is not the description of something that is a science fact, but something that have to do with Grace and Death and the human condition

  • waton
    For exemple Job 26:7 Suspending the earth upon nothing.

    kein lesard: think relativistically: considering the equivalence of energy and matter, that biblical statement is not totally correct either.

    The Earth is held against gravity by the energy of its orbital motion, resulting in the centrifugal force away from the Sun, balancing that pull for the last few billion years.

    energy is not nothing, There is enough energy in one gram of matter to really spoil your day. energy matters, it is not with nothing that we are still up here 150 million km above.

    added: interestingly, without that velocity, visually, we would be not falling, but rising up toward the sun, since we see our star only above the horizon.

  • Vidiot

    There's a reason some critics of the Bible call it "The Goatherder's Guide to the Galaxy". :smirk:

  • Finkelstein

    The bible should be taken as an accurate account or reference of mankind's ignorance of the world in which we live and of the universe through its mythological expressions.

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