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    A direct confirmation that Judge Joseph Rutherford, 2nd President of the Watchtower organization, had a weak spot for good whisky, can be found in the following hilarious Watch Tower article.

    The U.S. congress had passed the spirit prohibition law, and the Judge was absolutely furious that these "servants of Satan" tried to take his booze away.

    The Watch Tower, which according to Fred Franz had Jehovah as editor during these days, directly stated that Christians could not "participate in" such a prohibition. In other words, they had to smuggle and drink booze to be loyal to God.

    The JWs are unfortunately a much more boring sect these days.

    The Watchtower,
    November 1, 1924


    Since the time of Abel there have been some good men
    who desire to eliminate evil from the earth. Various
    methods have been employed to this end and all without
    success. The Jews tried the method of keeping the Law,
    and were not able to keep either the spirit or the letter
    thereof. Some have tried to make themselves righteous,
    but have learned that such is impossible. Others have
    been trying to eliminate evil by legislation. This method
    also has failed.

    God is not limited in power. He could destroy evil at any
    time. He has permitted it for some good reason. The fact
    that he has permitted it and has not destroyed it is a
    sufficient reason for Christians not to attempt to run
    ahead of the Lord in its elimination. One of the reasons,
    which seems apparent, is to give all intelligent creatures a
    full opportunity to acknowledge, accept, and serve
    Jehovah as God or to follow the way of the devil; in
    other words to give an opportunity to prove man's
    loyalty to his Creator. God has permitted man to have
    experience with evil, that he might learn lasting lessons;
    and when the time comes for God to establish
    righteousness in the earth, those who learn the lessons as
    he has arranged them will become righteous. The great
    Creator has made man a free moral agent, placed good
    and evil before him, and given him the choice of
    selecting one and rejecting the other.

    The real issue before man is God or the devil. God has a
    well-defined plan concerning man, which plan will
    successfully eliminate all evil from the earth. Every part
    of the divine plan Satan, the mimic god, has tried to
    copy. The devil's counterfeit plan has been for the
    purpose of deceiving mankind, making God appear a
    liar, and his Word untrustworthy. Up to this time Satan
    has succeeded well in blinding the people.

    We have now come to a crisis in the affairs of man.
    Legally the devil's dominion is at an end. The rightful
    King, the beloved Son of God, is here and has taken his
    sovereign power. Satan desires to hold the people in
    subjection to himself. Hence it must be expected that he
    will resort to every possible means of fraud and deceit to
    accomplish his end.

    Duty of the Christian is Plain

    What is the duty of each Christian under the
    circumstances? We answer: His duty is plain. Having
    entered into a covenant with God by sacrifice through the
    merit of Christ Jesus, and having been begotten to the
    divine nature, he has solemnly agreed to do the will of
    God. Any other course willingly taken would be
    disloyalty to God, and therefore a repudiation of his
    covenant. There is no possible ground of compromise
    for the Christian. To be a Christian one must be on the
    Lord's side; and when he willingly ceases to be on the
    Lord's side, he ceases to be a Christian. Surely every
    true Christian will agree that these statements are sound
    and true.

    Recently the President of our Association, responding to
    a question concerning the Eighteenth Amendment of the
    Constitution of the United States, which prohibits the
    manufacture, sale and transportation of intoxicating
    liquor within the United States and which is known as
    the prohibition law, said: "Prohibition is a scheme of the
    devil," referring of course to the law above mentioned.
    Some of the brethren have made strenuous protests
    against this statement. Because of the seeming
    misunderstanding we deem it proper for The Watch
    Tower to state the Scriptural view of the matter.

    In the outset it must be conceded by all fair-minded
    people the prohibition is either the result of God's will
    being done on earth or else a scheme of the devil. Let
    each one judge which it is in the light of the undisputed

    A desire to eliminate intoxicating liquor and all other
    evils is a proper and laudable desire. All Christians
    should be in accord with that desire. But how to
    accomplish that end is a different thing. The devil has a
    way of appearing to accomplish it, and his way is that of
    fraud and deceit.

    God's way of accomplishing that end if righteous and
    complete. In his own due time he will completely
    eliminate intoxicating liquors and all other evil
    influences. He has said to man: "For as the heavens are
    higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your
    ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." -- Isaiah

    God's way is not popular with the majority of mankind
    at present. All true Christians are for God's way. He
    who seeks the approval of the world and who is a friend
    of the world is an enemy of God. (Jas. 4:4) The Lord's
    friendship and his approval are the only things worth

    Intoxicating liquor is a great evil. The devil stands for all
    things evil. He is the very personification of wickedness.
    Then how could prohibition of intoxicating liquor be the
    devil's scheme? St. Paul answers: "For Satan himself is
    transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no
    great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the
    ministers of righteousness." (2 Cor. 11:14,15) In the
    prohibition scheme he appears as an angel of light; his
    ministers likewise. Fraud and deceit are Satan's principal
    methods of operation. He is the god of this evil world,
    and has long deceived the nations and blinded their
    minds to the truth of God's plan. -- 1 Cor. 4:4.

    Satan Beguiles Ruling Factors

    More than a century ago good men and women, seeing
    the evil of intoxicating liquor, started a movement to
    expel it from the earth. In America they organized the
    Prohibition Party. That party is now dead, and had
    nothing to do with the enactment of the Eighteenth
    Amendment. But even had that party succeeded in its
    plan, such would not have been God's way.

    Long ago Satan caused the union of church and state in
    Europe, and therefore the downfall of the clergy. He
    desired to accomplish the same thing in America. Union
    of church and state is repugnant to the fundamental
    American principles. To accomplish his end Satan knew
    that he must resort to fraud and deceit by putting forth
    something that had the appearance of good. The World
    War furnished the opportunity for him to act, and he did

    Jesus taught his followers to pray: "Thy kingdom come.
    Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," and also
    taught them to wait for his second coming for the setting
    up of that kingdom and the establishment of
    righteousness. Satan induced the clergy to believe that
    they could set up God's kingdom on earth without
    waiting for the Lord, and that to accomplish this they
    must bring into the church men of wealth, influence and
    power. The clergy fell under this temptation, brought in
    the profiteers, politicians and other men of influence, and
    made them the chief ones in their congregations. The
    ruling factors have long been under the influence of
    Satan, whether they knew it or not. The chief ones
    amongst the rulers are those of commercial power. It is a
    well-known fact in America that this power has
    nominated the candidates for the leading parties for
    several years, and has elected the one they desired.

    Next, the commercial powers were induced to see that if
    liquor could be taken away from the laboring man the
    result would be beneficial to bankers, manufacturers and
    merchants. Big business, the real controlling power of
    the politicians of the land under the supermind of their
    guiding and invisible god (Satan), set about to unite the
    forces of the Democratic and Republican parties to
    accomplish their purpose. It was an easy matter to get the
    preachers to do the shouting and to make the noise,
    because they felt that now big business and big
    politicians were with them and that they could set up the
    Lord's kingdom in earth. The World War furnished the
    opportunity, and an appeal was made to the people by
    the politicians and the preachers to patriotically support
    the movement for prohibition in order to win the war,
    and thus many were induced to support it.

    The appeal was made to the order-loving ones by the
    preachers that it was the will of God that prohibition
    should be enacted; and the people were again deceived,
    and acted accordingly. By the combined action of big
    business, big politicians, and big preachers they induced
    the Congress to take the necessary steps to amend the
    Constitution, and the state legislatures to ratify it. At the
    time, the New York _Tribune_ editorially said: "This
    legislation seems to be propelled by some invisible
    force." It was indeed an invisible force, and that force
    was the devil. The result was a union of clergy with big
    business and big politicians in a combination to control
    the American people.

    Can any Christian, who believes God and his Word, for
    one moment think that the Lord God of righteousness
    used the Democratic and Republican parties, and the
    higher critics and evolutionists, and those who deny the
    blood of Christ Jesus, to enact the prohibition law; and
    that such was his will and plan? Does the God of
    righteousness need any such unholy alliance as this to
    accomplish his will on earth? Does any Christian believe
    that this is the plan of God? If not, then whose scheme is

    God's Word Gives Wholesome Advice

    It is well known that the ultra-rich, the politicians, and
    even many clergy are supplied with all the intoxicating
    liquor they can consume, while they are making the
    greatest noise for the enforcement of the prohibition law.
    As an illustration: One influential clergyman, who led the
    fight in his vicinity for prohibition, shortly after the
    enactment of the law had his house burglarized. The
    burglars found his cellar stocked with liquors, and
    indulged in same so freely that they broke up his
    furniture. The clergyman refused to prosecute the guilty
    ones because it would expose the fact that he, an
    advocate of prohibition, had stocked up well in advance,
    that he might to need to deny himself things that he was
    willing to take away from his neighbors merely for

    It is also well known that many of the agencies employed
    to enforce the prohibition law have taken the illicit liquor
    away from the bootlegger and either used it themselves
    or sold it to others. Many of the prohibition law officers
    have connived with others to steal great quantities of
    liquor from warehouses, and have then wrongfully sold
    it to others or divided it amongst those particularly
    favored by them. Can any Christian for a moment
    believe that prohibition, as we now see it, is the result of
    God's will done on earth?

    Intoxicating liquor is a great evil, and the saloons a curse
    to humanity. The good American people do not want
    either. They are also sick and disgusted with pious-faced
    frauds, who parade in the name of Christ, hypocritically
    claiming to representing God and righteousness, who
    join hands with the conscienceless politicians and
    profiteers to enact and enforce a law, and claim it to be
    the carrying out of God's will. When Jesus was on earth
    he denounced above everything else fraud and
    hypocrisy. God's Word admonishes Christians to
    abstain from every form of evil. Fraud and hypocrisy are
    amongst the greatest evils.

    Let the people adopt the Lord's way, accept Christ and
    his kingdom, and be submissive thereto; and their ways
    will be right. But so long as the people adopt Satan's
    fraudulent methods and ignore the Lord's way they can
    not accomplish a lasting good. All Christians should
    refuse to stultify themselves by joining hands with any
    scheme that has the appearance of good when in truth
    and in fact it is honeycombed with fraud and deceit, and
    denies the Lord and his methods of accomplishing the
    blessing of mankind.

    No Christian advocates the use of intoxicating liquor.
    The question is not concerning the existence of the evil,
    but the *method* of elimination of that evil. Instead of
    running ahead of the Lord and joining hands with some
    scheme that is contrary to the Lord's way, the Christian
    should remember the scripture: "Be patient therefore,
    brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the
    husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth,
    and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early
    and latter rain. Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts;
    for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. Take, my
    brethren, the prophets, who have spoken in the name of
    the Lord, for an example of suffering affliction, and of
    patience." -- James 5:7,8,10.

    Reformation Impossible by Legislation

    The Lord Jesus is now present. His kingdom is at hand.
    Satan, in his desperation to deceive the people, has
    appeared as an angel of light and has put forth a thing, to
    wit, prohibition, which appears to be good but which in
    truth and in fact is a fraudulent scheme to turn the minds
    of the people away from Christ and his kingdom. God,
    in his own due time, will eliminate intoxicating liquor
    and all other evils from the earth; and when he does so,
    there will be no apostate preachers ("Ministers of Satan
    appearing as ministers of righteousness"), no politicians
    and no profiteers advocating prohibition that their own
    selfish ends may be accomplished. There will be no
    fraudulent agencies claiming to enforce the law, and at
    the same time violating it. Shortly Satan will be aborn of
    his power. (Rev. 20:1-4) The eyes of the people will be
    opened to the truth. The Lord will rule them in
    righteousness. He will have no dishonest agencies
    representing him; but, as he says, "when thy judgments
    [the Lord's] are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world
    will learn righteousness." -- Isa. 26:9.

    Experience shows that it is impossible to reform men of
    evil merely by legislation. This does not mean that men
    should not be reformed, but when the great Jehovah God
    has plainly told us in his Word how these reformations
    will be brought about, every Christian should adopt the
    Lord's way because it is right and every Christian should
    refrain from the devil's way because it is wrong. -- 2
    Cor. 6:15-18.

    The Christian would be more popular with the world to
    advocate the present scheme of prohibition. It is better to
    be right than to be popular. The Christian's allegiance
    must be to God and his kingdom. Remember the issue
    now is, The Lord's kingdom against Satan's rule. If we
    are followers of the Lord, then let us hear and obey his
    Word: "Wait yet upon me, saith the Lord...For then will
    I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call
    upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one
    consent." -- Zeph. 3:8,9.

    The Lord could prohibit intoxicating liquors at any time,
    but it is not yet his due time. It follows, then, that the
    scheme put forth at this particular time in the light of the
    evidence is not God's plan or scheme but that of the
    devil. In God's due time his kingdom will rule the
    nations and enforce righteousness. He will so reform the
    hearts of men that they will refrain from evil. For a
    Christian to be loyal to the Lord he must now stand for
    the Lord's way, and not for any other.

    With the kindliest feeling toward all who desire the
    elimination of every form of evil from the earth, as
    Christians we must follow the Lord's way and wait upon
    him. The evidences are so conclusive at this time that his
    kingdom is at hand that there can be no doubt in the mind
    of one who is really informed on the Bible. Let each
    believer in the Bible then ask himself: Has God brought
    about the present condition of prohibition? If not, then
    should I advocate it? Is God going to reform through
    Christ's kingdom the world and eliminate evil and bring
    blessings to the people? If so, then I must be on the
    Lord's side.

    The Watch Tower has nothing to do with politics.
    Prohibition is not a political question. If the people of the
    world wish to make a prohibition law and enforce that
    law, well and good. That is not our affair. A Christian
    can not consistently participate therein. He must keep
    himself separate from the world. The sole question is,
    Who is on the Lord's side? If we are on the Lord's side,
    our way is clear: Be patient and wait upon him to fully
    establish his rule in the earth.
  • Rocketman123

    Good quality whiskey is a provision by god and no man should come between that or uphold its consumption.

    Ask A. Morris he would agree with that wholeheartedly .

    Jehovah's Witnesses leader encountered buying a haul of Scotch on a Sunday  morning | The Underground Bunker

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Whoah! What a fantastic find. This was new to me. Brill.

  • EdenOne

    Most amusing trope, considering that Rutherford was a known alcoholic who had Watchtower employees smuggling booze from Canada to the US along with literature to satisfy his indulgence.

  • Rocketman123

    Rutherford was a man who wanted to live as a Prince or King, the lavish home and Cadillacs proved that, drinking any kind of liquor he wanted was also seen as one of his privileges.

    He assumed and portrayed the power of the almighty being god's chosen one, essentially above worldly governments, hence he poo pooed over the prohibition laws concerning alcohol.

  • truth_b_known

    Wow! This is the same organization that states that Romans 13:1-7 is sufficient reason to obey the earthly authorities as long as what is being required is in direct violation of God's law. In the same article we see 2 statements - 1) liquor and saloons are evil as well as 2) prohibition is evil.

    Why is prohibition evil? Because it is Satan or mankind trying to rid the earth of evil and that's Jehovah's job. I guess murder, rape, robbery, and theft laws are also evil because that is just mankind doing Satan's bidding.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    I disagree that the WT article is teaching that Christians "had to smuggle and drink booze to be loyal to God", for the article clearly says that "A desire to eliminate intoxicating liquor and all other evils is a proper and laudable desire. All Christians should be in accord with that desire. But how to accomplish that end is a different thing. ... Intoxicating liquor is a great evil. The devil stands for all things evil. He is the very personification of wickedness. ... Intoxicating liquor is a great evil, and the saloons a curse to humanity. The good American people do not want either. ... No Christian advocates the use of intoxicating liquor. The question is not concerning the existence of the evil, but the *method* of elimination of that evil."

    As a result when the article says Christians could not consistently participate in Prohibition, it means in the sense of prohibiting the manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, and/or consumption of intoxicating liquor. It is suggesting that if a JW Christian were to prohibit intoxicating liquor, rather than allow people to decide for themselves whether they can use (or produce, sell, distribute, or possess) intoxicating liquor or not, would be inconsistent with the Bible's teachings.

    I am not sure if the WT in 1924 taught that it is OK for JWs to drink alcohol in moderation, since the 1924 WT says "Intoxicating liquor is a great evil." But as we know, at least since the 1970s the WT religion teaches that moderate drinking of alcoholic drinks are permissible and even beneficial to some extent.

  • Rocketman123

    ..and its because Jesus turned water into wine, that's the real reason why most Christian religions approve of drinking spirits or alcohol.

    What do Christians drink at the memorial service ?

    Therefore wine /booze is kind of sacred to Christians

    Good Ole Jesus

  • Vidiot

    Actually, I can kind of sympathize with Da Judge on this one.

    God damn anyone who spills my drink on purpose.

  • Rocketman123

    How come drinking hard liquor is not seen as violation of destroying the flesh (health) like cigarettes ?

    I guess the answer to that is listed in my previous post ?

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