We all "shun."

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  • JWdaughter

    My mom's shunning behavior is not related to my lifestyle, but rather, to any though or word that exposes the ugliness of the wtbts to her. For example, sharing an article about the institutional response to child abuse in various religions and secular organizations, including hers. She threatened to cut me off unless I removed it from my Facebook. Because apparently if I did that, the world would never know! The dirty secrets would remain.

    That is not the same as not hanging out with a friend who is doing things that are physically unpleasant to be around and who is frankly doing things that endangered himself and anyone unfortunate enough to be in his vicinity. I am so sorry your friend had the issues he did and that he disconnected himself from you, but you would have answered his call. JW leadership commend you for ignoring it.

  • steve2

    Sorry to hear what happened to your friend Stillin' - such a sad loss and yes, it stirs up lots of emotions and thoughts. Take care!

  • stillin

    Thanks to you all for your thoughtful replies. This guy used to come to meetings if he knew I was giving the Public talk. He was more "supportive" than the brothers, in a way. The brothers criticized my talk if I strayed at all from the outline. Those were the parts that held people's attention the best, while I made the point come across.

    i'm going to miss that guy.

  • scratchme1010

    My condolences for losing your friend. I'm sorry that you lost him that way. You never know what is going through people's minds when they act the way they do. And even with the change sin behavior, there's no way to read all the signs of a person becoming suicidal.

    And yes, there have been people who have become suicidal and gone through it too.and wound up dead thanks to the WT. The WT doesn't care at all of anything that has to do with mental health. If at all, they mention one or two things to release legal liability for the damage they do to people.

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