If I Became a JW, Could I Have My Cat on Paradise Earth?

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  • zeb

    I said that one cat we had departed was seen in the house. I think my wife has seen him too but she is 'in' and it frightens her and she has mentioned it but once. Our local vet reports people having 'photographed' their departed pets on their phones.

    Now I might imagine our mogg walking in the bedroom but for an inanimate thing like a phone to capture the image...?

    Yes I would love to have them all and some I miss still.

    Heres a thought do they have pets at Bethel? They don't have kids or many of the normal things of life so I guess pets are a no-no ?

  • atomant

    lt depends if it was a good pussy or a bad pussy.

  • atomant

    Whilst sitting at meetings as a child against my will to be there l would think of all the reasons why l considered this religion to be a false .l loved my pets as a child as l still do and anyone that has pets know what lm talking about.The witnesses preached that in the paradise There will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things ... And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more ... Death shall be no more; nor sorrow, nor wail of woe, nor pain; for the first things ..So l reasoned that people will still have pets in the paradise and will love their pets so how will they react when a pet dies?A natural response would be to mourn that death and shed tears.Alarm bells went off in my head.How could you not react to the death of your beloved pet.?

  • Nevuela

    Island Man No they don't. I have asked several JWs about their belief in animal immortality, and not one of them has said that. Each of them told me roughly the same thing: they don't know. Some leaned toward your belief, but most leaned toward believing they would be reunited with their deceased pets in paradise. But not a single one of them were certain of anything.

    If the Bible is to be believed (and I emphasize if), God will give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4). Many of us would naturally desire to be reunited with our pets. Following that logic, our animal companions will be resurrected along with us.

  • TheWonderofYou

    From the biblical standpoint cats were not a big help for Adam in the beginning after he gave his cat the name "kitten". "But for Adam there was not found a suitable helper for him" (under them) Genesis 2:20. Much has changed since the paradise.

    1. Physically and spiritually cats have become indeed real " helpers" today. Not only at home the domestic cats as friends and comforters but also in zoos as attraction they have become "helpers of Adam". They are supporting many men with jobs in pet shops and animal food production and zoos and serve as willing sacrifices in safaris.

    Therefore we should be thankfully take us time for cuddling them as much as possible and take care of dieing out "siberian tigers" as well.

    Many have not yet considered the role those "helpers" play for our spiritual wellness and that we should reserve time for them! Dont they give us a feeling of a "cosy home" after all?

    2. In paradise for a perfect man a cat was not seen as real help. Man thought that he was perfect and cats not. But think about one fact: Animals have never been expelled from the garden eden, okay the sss :snake: snake was cursed (note: she was not guilty but misused by Satan), but only men have been explicitely expelled from Eden by Jehovah! So spiritually for God animals have always lived and remained in the paradise. They need not get into it once again, because they've never been expelled from paradise.

    Even today they are living in the perfect state of being very close to Jehovah! Therefore after men was expelled from paradise they are since then even given a much bigger role as helper for Adam. Actually theologians think about giving animals a higher position in nature back. After all they live in paradise and men not. Or is it so that we already live in paradise but cant recognize it because we live in a simulation of an evil world?

    Well men are admittedly mature and responsible and supposedly free in their decision to use their "reason", running and striving for ever more plans to shape the world, but in many respects they have lost a natural sense of goodness, kindness and love but princially lost their innocence, something that cats have always possessed in the state of "animal unreason" and with what they are an exemple for us and for what they deserve to live in their paradise for ever.

    The bible is not a really closed book, it is open for interpretation and new scrolls are awaited yet for the new world. If you have any question about cats and dogs, sit down on your couch, take your pet and read the bible together with it. This helps much, think about that you are sitting next to a messenger of Jehovah, a messenger of the paradise.

    P.S. Perhaps that was the reason why queen Cleopatra liked cats-eyeliners. :cat: :heart:

  • TheWonderofYou

    Moses grew up at the Pharaos palace and liked playing with cats as much as already Joseph did. Why

    Egyptians' admiration for cats infiltrated all aspects of life. Ordinary citizens and esteemed professionals alike noted the importance of cats in Egyptian culture. The ancient Egyptian society relied heavily on agricultural activities. Egyptians harvested plants and crops to sustain the lives of family members and community members. They relied on surplus crops to sell at markets for economic revenue as well. Without cats, which consumed destructive pests, Egyptians faced constant threats of crop loss from attacks by rodents and insects. Egyptians, in response for cats' protection, offered wild and domesticated felines food and shelter. Even wild cats eventually lived closer to human settlements, knowing food and safety abounded.
    As with modern humans, Egyptians kept cats as pets. They considered cats loyal companions, much like dogs. Egyptians took trained cats wherever they went, including on hunting expeditions. Egyptians considered cats loyal and intelligent creatures, and believed seeing cats in dreams a sign of good harvest for the coming year.
  • Heaven

    Unfortunately, your cat is going to die before the JW version of Paradise Earth arrives. If you truly want your cat around for all eternity, follow berrygerry's advice.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    This is an interesting topic. In and about leaving the JWs, I have spent much time meditating on the message of the Christ: Love God and your Neighbors. He often explained that it is not the intellectuals and the people occupying prominent places that will be saved. Rather, it is the meek lowly humble ones who know how to love and be loved.

    This logic applies even to the dim witted and the mentally challenged. In the end, the most important thing, above everything, is love.

    But than, so can animals: Cats, dogs, cows, pigs, mooses, bears and others can show love and be loved as well.

    I wonder than, what are the arguments that would make us SOO much different from the animals that we would be deserving of God's blessing compared to them?

  • sparky1
  • Onager

    Speaking as a dog lover I have to say that this thread is full of so much crazy that I feel the urge to chase it across the yard and up a tree barking furiously all the while.

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