Content Cop vs Tana Mongeau

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Has anyone heard of a youtube series called Content Cop?

    It's done by a youtuber called iDubbbz.

    It's basically where he laughs at or gets a 'gotcha moment' against youtubers who are too big for their boots or who say/do stupid things.

    Tana Mongeau is an SJW wannabe who's a bit of a fantasist. Long story short, she used to be very foul-mouthed but was upset at the content of some of iDubbbz's tweets. So iDubbbz, as Content Cop, sets her up in spectacular fashion, then dissects it and Tana Mongeau for us, the viewer.

    On one hand I'm a bit concerned for America because there must be millions of SJW-types who, like Mongeau, are as thick as shit. On the other hand there must be many intelligent thinkers who, like iDubbbz, are good at debating, weighing up issues and responding appropriately, regardless of their political leanings. Enjoy!

    Warning: this video features very strong language ...

  • Simon

    Sorry, the guy's a dick - you shouldn't go round scaring young women like that. It's creepy and a form of intimidation.

    Doesn't matter what she did or says online, it doesn't make his actions right.

  • sparrowdown

    Aw hahaha, these crazy kids 😮

    Sure she wasn't in on it? Her reaction while completely OTT and milked seemed ever-so-slightly staged to me like she knew what was about to happen...? Don't mind me, I just don't take anything on face value anymore nor underestimate what people will do for the spotlight.

    Anyway, taken on face value, it could have gotten ugly real fast from her security goons, he's lucky it didn't.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    the guy's a dick - yeah, he is a bit of a dick. XD

    you shouldn't go round scaring young women like that. It's creepy and a form of intimidation - he kinda acted like an escaped mental patient at Mongeau's meet-&-greet.

    But he did not ...

    threaten her

    verbally or physically abuse her

    touch her inappropriately.

    And despite Mongeau claiming otherwise, he did not ...

    have his arm around her neck

    give a thumbs-up when he said the n-word

    continue to grip her when she moved away.

    He just said some words in her presence, albeit controversial words.

    He argued his points well, but there's a few I'd argue against or disagree with. For instance, his point is that re insult words it should be all or nothing because they all have history. But I'd argue that because the history behind the n-word is different to the histories of other words, this history should be taken into account.

    And re his point that words lose their meaning the more you say them - well, that's true but not everyone says offensive words frequently to take away the sting. It's still unacceptable to say the n-word, the c-word and the f-word casually at school, work or in a restaurant, etc.

    But here's a point I agree with 100% - "I wouldn't call Tana Mongeau a racist because I don't know what's in here [taps chest] or in here [taps head]. But here's the thing: she doesn't give me the same consideration." - spot on.

    IDubbbz seems to be a thinker. I don't know whether the same could be said of Ms Mongeau.

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