Exactly where is the expansion?

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  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus


    There is that possibility but he (Paul Gillies) did not even allude to such a context. I am very suspicious in that there is this sudden announcement gone out nationally via video using "local needs" and where there is a significant ommission without explanation in the annual statistics printed in the yearbook.

    Most of the KH's I know of are in good decorative and structural order. Certainly, financing the number of new KH's and refurbs mentioned will be very problematic in today's economic environment / JW income profile / family finance demands.

  • newdawnfades
    In the video a remark was made about the Chelmsford project to the effect that the size of the project was not yet decided. Something along the lines of no matter how big or small they will be ready to do it.
  • brandnew

    All downhill, the only expansion they are getting , is expanding their country club, lakeside retirement homes.

    Gb, punk ass bitches!! ☺

    Yaaaaaaay for venting!!!!!!!!

    Mad Puppy

  • brandnew

    50 % decrease here, and elders are just not giving a fuck. Eldurrs are just too old to go searching for stragglers that wont open their doors, or broke free and finally went after that job they wanted but couldnt get cuz it would interfere with meetings. Yeah use to be about 55 on sunday....last sunday was about 20.☺

    Expand this !!!! Gb members!!!!!

    Mad Puppy

  • joe134cd
    To answer your question specifically. In the 40 years I was jw I cannot remember once where the expansion was so great that another hall was needed. Meaning that there were 2 halls in a specified area. That been said back in the 70s and earlier is when a lot of this new building work was occurring or had been completed and I would of been to young to know what was going on. But at an age where I was old enough to understand all the halls that were been built were either replacements for existing halls or refurbishments. In fact I could probably count on 2 hands of all the congregations that split. Most of the congregations that I saw grow was a result of new areas been sub-divided for residential housing development and people moving to those areas. When the projects were completed and a new area opened up. Then that cong would go down while the other expanded. A result of the property market.

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