Isn't there a better way

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  • FedUpJW

    Just got done clicking streets signs, store fronts, vehicles, mountains, and roads CAPCHA squares. And yes, I clicked what was requested. Each time I login I get one or two more CAPCHA challenges added to the number.

    Isn't there a better way to login?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Yes...its not a big deal but I've noticed the same thing and wondered if anyone else has.

    I'm not sure what all the security is about but I figured there must be more need for it than I realize.

  • HereIgo

    No other way to login that I am aware of, its all to prevent spam.

  • steve2

    I don't have this problem because I ask my devices (e.g., laptop, e-phone and tablet), to remember my settings. This works provided you do not log out at the end. So, the next time I go into this forum, I am there in one click.

  • Bangalore

    What about disabling it for long time posters? After all it is quite evident that we are not spammers or spam bots.

  • NikL

    Yeah kind of a pain for those of us trying to keep our online activities secret so we can't remain signed in.

  • Simon

    I have plans to add 3rd party sign-in ... so you'd be able to authenticate using a Google, facebook, twitter account (but without that account being exposed as your "identity").

    If only there were more hours in a day (or more accurately, I could stay awake and work for more of them).

  • berrygerry
  • zeb

    I agree.


    Isn't there a better way?

    A Retina Scanner would be the way to go..

    All the Cool exJW Forums are using them now..

    Image result for retina scanner

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