Congregation in PA sues over mandatory reporting

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  • Fisherman

    Hi AM!

    The case you reference was not decided by SCOTUS but by California State Court . WT appealed but Appeals Court affirmed the trial Court’s judgement. The lower Court compelled WT to disclose church documents but wt refused so the Court entered a default judgement. However Scotus has not ruled on this tension and the lower Court did not rule that ecclesiastical confidentiality does not apply to WT but only in this case. From the founding of the WT back in the early 1900, wt has been sued and prosecuted for not saluting the flag, not going to the military , preaching and a lot of other things. And after doing all this harm, later the government apologized for their error. Sometimes the WT looses in Court but there is no law that disqualifies wt “methodology” of ecclesiastical communications involving penitent confessions as you assert or wrongly apply this case and saying that Scotus decided that wt dies not legally have protected communications with its congregant or because of their methodology. But any document—or evidence of a crime— is subpoenable in any church. Also at baptism the Jehovah Witness subscribes ti the whole ball of wax including church process. Tired now good night

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