Hypothetical: If WTS Reformed...?

by Cold Steel 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Chook

    How would they bring back the dead from no blood and suicides .

  • smiddy

    The only way the WTB&TS could be reformed is : Jehovah God stepped in and replaced all of the G.B. members with much younger blood.

    And even that may not accomplish it.

    However , since Jehovah God does not exist ,thats not going to happen , and neither will the JW religion ever be reformed .

    Jesus Christ has supposed to be ruling over the Christian Congregations since 1914 , and what has he done / accomplished these past 102 years ,? sweet fuck all , as I see it.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I firmly believe that the org's major doctrinal reversals in recent years - especially those in the Watchtower July 15 2013 - not only provides cast iron proof to faders (if needed!) that these charlatans never represented any god but themselves, but also drives a wedge of doubt into many J.W.'s minds, as testified by the growing numbers on sites like this.

    Keep it up WTBTS!

  • scratchme1010

    To me is still simple; organized religion is nonsense to me. I respect those who believe in it, and I know the important social function that, properly managed, it can have in society.

    Personally I don't need an organization to tell me to be kind and have decent morals. So to me it doesn't matter if they start doing drag shows to attract people. Organized religion is not necessary in my life.

    Also, Cold Steel, remember that we're not talking about a common religion. This is a cult we're talking about. That put things in a different perspective, as every decision they make is not in favor of anyone but themselves.

  • Vidiot

    If the WTS actually genuinely reformed...

    ...they would - arguably - no longer be the WTS.

  • pale.emperor

    If these changes were actually implemented, particularly the shunning, and my family suddenly said they'd talk to me again i'd tell them to take a hike. Shunning your own flesh and blood for simply not wanting to be a JW is just wrong.

  • baker

    I can just see them printing Christmas cards and having Birthday parties at "gatherings". It would be interesting to watch, but don't hold your breath.

  • berrygerry



    Everyone who has ever taken a science class knows the word "hypothesis," which means an idea, or a guess, that you are going to test through an experiment. A hypothetical is related to that. It means something based on an informed guess.

    As I said in the Subject line, this is purely hypothetical.

    This is not hypothetical.

  • Phizzy

    I do think they will be forced to make some changes when they realize that, despite all their internal hype, the re-branding simply has not worked.

    New converts from the non-JW populace are becoming as rare as rocking horse shit.

  • Vidiot

    @ Phizzy...

    The rebranding has never really been about attracting new members.

    It's more about keeping the members they've got by giving the appearance of being progressive and modern.

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