Are there any JW songs that you HATE?

by neat blue dog 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • punkofnice
    Neaty - You're probably thinking 'all of them'

    You are correct. They are all awful musically. Soulless and culty.

    I really hated it when they changed the words from ' we are' jobo witnesses to 'We're' jobos.

    We are scanned better, We're sounded to much like cartoon American slur. No offence, but being a Brit, it just didn't vocally scan well with me.

    But, yes! All of them.

  • Atlantis

    Pages from the Watchtower 1923 German Songbook which also sounded exactly like the German National Anthem. (Song 64 marked)

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    There's that abomination (Song 18) " A Special Possession;" it was the opening song at this year's Memorial... transfers devotion from Jesus to the anointed and especially the GB.

    There there's an old favorite of mine, "Jehovah God is My Shepherd" of which they brutalized the lyrics, changing them from an approximation ot the 23rd Psalm to ....whatever.. I guess they feel empowered to improve upon the sacred text. One example of pointlessly changing the "oldies" to create the impression in a feeble bid to appear forward-looking and progressive.

    The newer songs they've added are mostly blatant, cultish propaganda .

  • LoveUniHateExams

    (awful dirge)

    "Dark days are here

    Man lives in fear

    Blinldly they grope,

    having no hope

    Wickedness is all around"

    (unbelievably sugary-sweet, chorus)

    "But the bible holds out a hope for the dead

    something something something eternally"

    Can't remember the title, but what a shit song.

  • tiki

    Don't know if it's in a current songbook but there was one awful one about death...Lazarus lay sleeeeeping in a cold gray is in a weird minor key then shifts to a major in the chorus. It was hideous. People would cringe when it was announced to turn to whatever number it was infernally long too.

  • zeb

    I wouldnt say hate but some use the term 'old timers' meaning seniors. Old timers is entirely American , is alien here. and yes drone on dont sing up or sing out Talk about stultified spirit..

  • WTWizard

    Back when we had that ugly brown book (1984), we had one song (number 42) that stole the exact melody from the early 1982 hit Chariots of Fire by Vangelis. Why the washtowel didn't get hit with a copyright infringement suit from Vangelis or the record label, I do not know. And I just plain hated that song 18.


    All worship music is from Satan...except the JW theocratic songs which come directly from Jehovah...lolololololol

  • tiki

    There was one...I don't recall details except it was the same tune as some silly childhood ditty my husband grew up with...something about Mary. Whenever that would be the song to sing he'd sing the kid ditty words and I'd be laughing and poking him to quit it at the same time. If I still had a songbook I could look it up and find it I bet.

  • inactive1

    Listen, obey and be blessed. Taste and see that Jehovah is good, song 80. I hate the line in the second verse, " For those in the full time service. Rich blessings and treasures abound." This infers that only pioneers will be blessed. I hate the phrase 'rich blessings', it's an overused, worn out cliche that means nothing.

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