This thread is for proof that God exists

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  • juandefiero
    AFRIKANMAN: NONE of us can Prove conclusively any of this either way

    What does that say about God that he can't be proven conclusively?

    This most powerful being in existence, creator of all life, all knowing, all wise, almighty, can't be proven conclusively.

  • Caedes
    I always find it amazing how few theists are willing to admit that their beliefs are based on faith. Considering the number of biblical passages that highlight the importance of faith perhaps faith really isn't enough for modern theists.
  • dubstepped
    What does it say about love that it cannot be proven conclusively? Hey, the Bible says that God is love. Maybe neither are real.

    Saintbertholdt - I have seen worse comments on this forum ! I generally follow your comments with interest - and yes my kids [no GC's yet ] do not believe in the God I brought them up to believe in in the Borg - I no longer feel gutted and stricken by that - the old WTS induced fear is no more - I am glad the kids are thinking about things-

    shepherdless - Thanks - Don't worry - always calm when I am here - would not dare expend unnecessary energy on these things they are not life and death issues anymore - have been around here on JWN for a long time - do enjoy being here - Ride the punches, go with the flow ... we are all victims of victims and followers of followers ... so I mostly read everyone's offerings here with empathy and sympathy:

    Interestingly a Public Talk Outline of some years back - "Evidence of God in the World around us" did intimate in the opening Sub-heading that we only believe in God [a god] due to 1- Our parents told us so and or 2 -experiences we have had or heard of from others by which we decide to decide for ourselves that perhaps there is this Deity etc - and then it gets reinforced by our own doing eg going to a Kingdom Hall and having it drummed into us etc etc We really cannot "Prove" it - we accept it if we so decide [or get forced to if in an extremist religion etc] I know people who feel comfortable to believe in a God / Superior Intelligence "out there" but who don't read the Bible or belong to any formal creed - I think for the now I am kinda in that Zone myself - I don't evangelise it or force it - just reflect and meditate on the possibility -

    So for the now - juandefiero - yes I do say/feel that he cannot be proved Conclusively but I still stand in awe and marvel -

  • prologos
    But imgaining a "time" when time did not exist - gives me headache , well, one reason is that often "time" is confused with movement through time, the thing that our clocks measure., just like our yard sticks measure extent through space. once you accept energy and virtual particles popping in and out of the void, where is the limit to that inaccessible realm?
  • juandefiero
    What does it say about love that it cannot be proven conclusively? Hey, the Bible says that God is love. Maybe neither are real.

    Love is an emotion. Are you saying that God is nothing more than just a "feeling" one might have?

    The God of the Bible, on the other hand, creates spirit beings, he talks, he writes, he kills, creates, destroys, parts oceans and impregnates virgins.

    Shouldn't it be pretty easy to prove that a God that does all those things exists? Should you have to resort to comparing a being that does all those things to an emotion in order to prove he exists? Wouldn't there be more conclusive evidence of him if he really did all those things?

  • cofty
    NONE of us can Prove conclusively any of this either way ... Africaman

    Yes I can prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the god of christianity does not exist.

    if you present a contrary view you are going to me insulted, torn apart, abused by the underlying "following"

    Personally I never make personal attacks on believers for their beliefs. I do hold their ideas up to scrutiny.

    On the other hand I frequently get insulted by one of Jesus' fans.

  • Crazyguy
    I was given up for adoption when a baby. I never cared to know anything about themall my parents , if there still alive etc. They are not in my life so they don't matter. Same with God, it may have caused the big bang, it may have shitted out some DNA on this planet but he like my biological parents is no where to be found so I don't care about about it at all
  • Bonsai

    Throughout my life I have heard the the statement, "God is in the details." I used to nod my head and think that was more succinctly put than any verse in the bible. Now I find myself laughing at the absurdity of that statement. The more you analyze and study "the details" the harder it becomes to see a benevolent, loving God existing in a universe that is, in one way or another, constantly trying to destroy the miracle of our brief existence.

    Consider the Zika virus for example. Who designed it? I seriously hope there isn't some sick muffafluffa up there who designed it. Reality just makes so much more sense with there being no God.

    EDIT: I realize that by using the word miracle in my post some creationists might see my post as contradicting itself. I mean miracle in the sense that so many fetuses and babies die before or at birth, So many children die before adulthood. So many adults die before they can make an offspring. To be existing now is a tribute to the miracle that our ancestors, who overcame all odd so that we can be here today to eat, breathe, fart and debate!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

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