Brigitte Gabriel's Epic Answer To "Most Muslims Are Peaceful..."

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  • Rivergang

    Ethnic Europeans don’t do that?

    Unfortunately, that is not correct.

    During the Balkan wars of the early 1990s, similar atrocities were carried out under the euphemism of “Ethnic Cleansing”. The perpetrators were all “Ethic Europeans”, and more often than not Catholic or Orthodox by religion.

    Also, at a place called My Lai in a country called Vietnam, a group of American soldiers performed similar acts of savagery during a morning of rape, burning, murder and mayhem on a March morning in the year 1968.

  • Rivergang

    The Spanish Inquisition was actually aimed at stamping out heresy, and was not under papal control. It included the forced conversion of Jews and Muslims (including a very distant ancestor of mine).

  • JoenB75

    whataboutism at it's finest. We are talking present Western conditions and general character traits, not what happened with US soldiers in a cruel war.

    As for Balkan and Clinton's warcrimes, I think we are taught many lies about the Serbs and we can be sure the muslisms did not hold back, as also the Balkan muslims indeed did not in their ww2 jihad.

  • Rivergang
    What you call “whataboutism” I would include under the old adage “Take extreme care when pointing your finger, as you do have three aimed back at yourself”.Being involved in a “cruel war” might explain certain atrocities, but it would be a very sad day indeed if we started excusing such actions under the excuse the it is part of a cruel war.It is all too easy to silo things into convenient packages eg. “He can’t be gay, because he plays football”, “he can’t be a [email protected]$$, as he is a member of the Returned Serviceman’s League” etc - and likewise all to easy to dismiss anything we don’t want to hear as “Lies”.Also, I would love to know your definition of “Western conditions” is. It seems to me the primitive in all of us is never that far away, and that it does in fact take very little to strip away that veneer of “civilisation”.

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