Inside the JW HQ Warwick, NY

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  • baldeagle

    Here is a short 2-minute video from Fox 5 News reviewing the new JW HQ in Warwick, NY.

    The first thing the JW spokesperson says is, “Our primary purpose is not to convert, but to give people an opportunity to see what the Bible has to say.”

    Next the reporter says, “The new world headquarters, which opened last year, is home to about 800 Jehovah's Witnesses.”

    It seems to me that 800 is an extremely low number since the glory days in Brooklyn. The cutbacks were greater than one might have expected.

    Then a young 25-year-old woman is interviewed. She’s a computer programmer that spends her days creating software for the JW organization. As usual, higher education is always justified and acceptable when it serves the needs of this religion. However, it’s not recommended for the children in your family.

  • ScenicViewer

    From the linked article...

    At their new home, the Jehovah's Witnesses plan to keep spreading their beliefs and encouraging others to understand their religion just a little bit better. (bold added)

    Don't worry Watchtower, people are understanding your religion better than they ever have. As a result people on the inside are leaving and people outside are staying out. Nice job!

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    “Our primary purpose is not to convert,"........... Liar, liar pants on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

    km 1/82 p. 2 Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples

    "Our primary purpose is to teach the good news and make disciples." (i.e. convert)

    The cult speaks out of both sides of the mouth - yet again .

  • ScenicViewer
    “Our primary purpose is not to convert,"........... Liar, liar pants on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for that The Fall Guy. It got a good laugh out of me, and I love it.

  • ScenicViewer
    Oops, double post.
  • darkspilver
  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    The faithful slave serpent speaks with forked tongue!

    “Our primary purpose is not to convert,".....

    "Our primary purpose is to........make disciples." (i.e. converts)

  • LV101

    Wish someone would call fox5ny and share the truth re/the cult's views and brainwashing re/education on its adherents -- much less their pedophile/blood issues.

  • Wild_Thing

    "It's first and foremost a religion ..."

    --Bryce Hemmelgarn, a spokesperson for Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • thebrokenkite

    Trying to figure out why the Iliana in the article chose to highlight the fact that she can go shopping on the weekend if she likes. Seems like a sad attempt to bring an air of normalcy to the cult HQ.

    On the other hand, it should be noted that the capacity for around 1,000 staff members was known at Bethel almost since the Warwick project was announced. Later, it was announced that HQ departments would be split between Wallkill and Warwick, so the number of HQ members is actually higher. Excuse my weakness for technicality. :)

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