Do you remember 1975? I remember 1984.

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    if I mention "1984" you will probably think of George Orwell and his book " 1984".However I think of "1984" as a year in my life when Watford football club reached the F.A cup final. ( The F.A cup is the biggest footballing occasion in English sport, and my club " little watford" were in it) But instead of going to watch the game, I was forced by my dad to miss attending the match and prioritize on theocratic W.T study.

    So for me the year 1984 was the year I should have woken up to " The truth about the truth" Sadly it took another 30 years of generation and doctrinal change before this boy became " awake" and understood his defining moment and realized he was fooled by the W.T.

    Anyway 1984 was a long time ago, but today in 2016, I realized 1984 had a " modern day 2016 application" That happened last Saturday, when I took my boy to watch my " little " Watford play "mighty "Manchester United" and we won 3.1. Now it's Wednesday and my boy and I are still on cloud 9, even Orlandos school teacher started Monday lessons by saying " well done Watford "

    Yes little Watford outplayed and beat the mighty United. This is what life is about, it's not about living with and being fooled by a mighty cult. These leaders are not better than us, and they are not worth picking fights with. So I am glad I have created a new life and I no longer allow the ego of the " mighty " G.B to overshadow that life. So I have moved on,and this prodigal son now says I beat the G.B by finding happiness and moving on in my life...

    If this O.P seems selfish, I would say everytime I see a witness I pity them, but I would be shocked if my reasoning with them will ever work. Jehovers Witnesses are a cult and the call to reason and convincing people they have been fooled by a cult is hard, because they need a defining moment. .My defining moment was 1984, and I believe the trick to helping people out a cult is not 1975, or 1914 generation changes but finding in a cult member their individual reason to move on ...mine was 1984 and a football match a cult made me miss.

    What was yours?

  • ToesUp

    Great post! Enjoy every moment. It is sad to watch so many wait on their happiness to start in the "new system" when they could have been enjoying life all along.

    We have so many family members who are now old, broke and have NOTHING to retire off of. They were "waiting" on their true happiness to start. My spouse and I never bought into that crap. We bought homes, had kids, worked hard and enjoyed life (still are). Rock on!

  • WingCommander

    Those 1984 Watchtower and Awake! magazine covers are pure gold!!! 1914: A focal point of prophecy? The Generation of 1914, and others that year are just amazing. I have the bound volumes from back then as proof of their claims, etc. I was 5 in 1984, and I still remember the urgency and near paranoia they stirred up in the congregation I was in. They were actually used as "proofs" in the door-to-door ministry!!!!! Actual PROOF, that we were in the time of the End, imminent proof! Therefore, I have to agree with you. 1984's literature is about as hard hitting as the 1975 fiasco, because of what they so boldly put into print and pushed as "proof." Today, it's all "old light" and it's like no one even remembers. I think that's mainly because 1.) so many from then are dead (like my parents) and 2.) So many of the JW's today weren't even born then, so are completely unaware. It's crazy.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

    It appears to me that you're getting your "revenge"! Even more important, your son will have no need to do so as he will never find himself entrapped by the Cult. DOC

  • truth_b_known

    I have many such stories, but I like yours the best.

    Who the eff is Manchester United?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP. My defining moment came in 2007, 6 months after I'd left and when, unbelievably, I was thinking of going back.

    The British paedo Michael Porter had just been arrested for child sex offences. The judge initially gave him a suspended sentence (i.e Porter was to avoid jail). I showed the newspaper to my dad and asked why he didn't get a custodial sentence, why he wasn't disfellowshipped and why the local JWs stood by him. I said that the WTS was no better than the Catholic Church. My dad got visibly angry at this and said something like: "what does it matter to you, you aren't a JW anymore". It was then that I realised just how mind-controlling and nasty the WTS is.

    I never went back.

    today in 2016, I realized 1984 had a " modern day 2016 application" - ok now you're just scaring me.


    You are not a JW anymore so what is it to you ! - unbelievable ...almost but true !

    I am no longer a copper so criminal acts don't matter to me anymore !

    3 sweet goals ! Great metaphor to victory of the "smaller" guy over the big dogs !

  • snugglebunny


    Allow me to cheer you a little. On Sat July 30th. 1966, my PO father cancelled the visiting CO's evening talk and we all watched England win the World Cup instead.The CO went along with it too.

    BTW, congrats on Watford's 3 - 1 win over Liverpool.


    I would say every time I see a witness I pity them..

    No Need..

    There Are Many JW`s Who Enjoy..


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  • Tallon

    I remember the 1975 debacle. My parents were first contacted and studied with the JW's about 1972 / 73. The book (orange in colour) that my brothers, sister and I studied was, if I remember correctly, titled; 'From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained.'

    I was about 8 or 9 years old at the time. Too young to understand what it was all about however, I still remember clearly how the 'end' was supposed to come in 1975.

    Fast forward to 2004 / 2005 - life for me was a treadmill - work, meetings field service, year in and year out. It became so monotonous that I was literally losing my mind. So many missed opportunities be it professionally and at home. In the end I became so disillusioned with it all that I had no option but to bail out - for my own sanity. It was then that I began my slow fade.

    I have since advanced in my career, and on the homefront I'm much more relaxed and really enjoying life. Best decision I ever made.

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