The Children Act - Emma Thompson - advertised on ITV One - prime time.

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  • freddo

    As you probably know "The Children Act" is a film starring Emma Thompson as a High Court Judge deciding whether or not to transfuse a teen JW. It is due to be on general release in the UK on August 24th 2018. September 14th USA.

    Its shortened trailer is being advertised in the UK on the biggest independent TV channel - namely ITV - at prime time. Just seen it in advertisment breaks between 6pm and 7pm UK time.

    Thought you might like to know.

  • The Fall Guy
  • Exelder

    Thanks Freddo.

    I have read the book. It is a good story but not authentic like the film Apostasy.

    I'll still be going to see it.

  • stuckinarut2

    Is it an apologetic film that justifies the JW decision to refuse blood?

    Or does it condemn such behaviour?

  • steve2

    suckinarut2, from reading the synopsis and film reviews it is not a polemical film - it does not seek to "expose" but to dramatize the complexities of the issues that arise. It may share with Apostasy a high regard for accurate detail to tell a compelling but complex story. It sounds from the synopsis that Emma Thompson's judge struggles to know what a just outcome is for the articulate young man whose life hangs in the balance.

  • gabcol

    darn that looks good!!

  • smiddy3

    I`ve read the book and enjoyed it however , its not an expose of the JW belief system but rather how a non witness in this case a judge who has to make a judgement on whether a teenager who is near adult hood has the right to decide if he lives or dies refusing a blood transfusion .

    I would like to see it and see how close it sticks to the book.

  • Xanthippe

    Ian McEwan's book that the film is based on a is a very good read. The issues are complex. The judge deals in family law, parents fighting over custody of children in divorce cases and so on. It compares her, Emma Thompson's, lack of children to the family who are willing to let their son die for their beliefs. Also his intelligence and musical ability which will all die with him. Good book, looking forward to the film.

  • menrov

    The topic becomes complex when a request to refuse transfusion is based on a religious view which is seen as a doctrine. The question is then: has a government the right to overrule you religious conviction. I guess in most countries they do have the right. However, will religion then become subject to a government and gets a flavour of a state controlled religion?

    If a refusal is not religious based but based on non-religious arguments, then the issue of freedom to act becomes important. In most countries, euthanasia is not allowed. Refusing blood can be considered a step towards euthanasia, I guess.

    If in either case there is a minor at stake, more emotions come in play. And yes, becomes more complex for a judge.

  • lastmanstanding

    It’s too bad that judges, and the rest of outsiders, really don’t understand the true dynamic with regard to blood transfusions in the JW community.

    And they don’t understand because they are unwilling to listen and to learn. They are just as hard headed as the Governing Bafoons.

    The issue can be clearly understood if even a small amount of mental energy is expended on the topic. The fact that the courts struggle so thoroughly demonstrates how little effort they are truly willing to put into it. They would rather be confused in arrogance than educated in humility.

    The issue is simple. JWs refusing blood, regardless of their age, are not being ‘faithful to bible principles’ but rather are obeying men whom they foolishly trust, to tell them what these “bible principles” mean for them.

    With very little effort, if they would humbly accept the helps offered them, these judges and politicians and law enforcers could make and enforce the correct decisions in the cases of JWs of any age with respect to refusing blood products that will save life.

    But they don’t want to know. They don’t want to see. It’s the same issue with child molestation. They don’t want to deal with it, because they are spineless-political flotsam.

    Why is is that child molesters are given a slap on the wrist? As long as our society does little or nothing to those who sexually abuse children then the likes of the Catholic Church and Watchtower Baffoons predators will keep abusing and hiding the abuse with impunity.

    Who’s to blame in all this? Society is.

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