End times "too late for you now" witnessing?

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  • CitizenofEarth

    Hello there.

    I've heard it several times from different people while i was growing up, as well seen some people talk about it here on the forum. The subject is the JW belief that a time will come before the end where they will change the message that Jesus talked about, to one of damnation, where the world will be told something along the lines of "it is too late now". Do any of you have references to JW litterature where they write this? And what are your thoughts. I think it is abhorrent and extremely arrogant. Not that that is something to be surprised about from JW doctrines. I would, however, be surprised if the majority of JW followed this if the GB wanted them to suddenly, as it is so blatantly against the message Jesus tried to convey.


  • Finkelstein

    Sure this has been done many times by the WTS , its in reference or analogy to when Noah is about to close the doors of the ark , people will come wanting to be let in but the doors are now closed and the ones left outside are therefore doomed to be destroyed.

    When 1975 was propagated by the WTS talks were given on that same line of thought.

    Its just another form of fear mongering the WTS uses to control people , without fear (Armageddon) the WTS has little power or control, which to them is vitally important for this organization to continue in a state of sustainability. $$$

  • Finkelstein

    When its considered that the WTS's date setting of 1874, 1914, 1925, 1975 were made directly against Jesus's instructions for preaching his Gospel, is it surprising that there were further connecting doctrines of fear mongering composed by the WTS ?

  • Ding

    When you think about it, WT end times teaching is a precarious balancing act.

    If there's lots of time left, there's no sense of urgency to witness.

    But if there's really only a small amount of time left, there's no point in witnessing.

  • ToesUp

    In the Bunker video, they said something along the lines of "the message would be changed to a message of judgement." So what has changed? This cult runs off of judging others.

    The majority are a cruel bunch and they actually seem to be looking forward to everyone being destroyed that is not a JW. Sick beyond belief. I can't believe I was ever a part of it.

  • Giordano

    Fundamentally the Society is prone to speculate. It started with Russell's return of Jesus and end times.

    Rutherford did the same thing with 1925 and told everyone the great resurrection would take place:

    "After 1925 expect shortly Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.. No doubt many boys and girls who read this book will live to see Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, and those other men of old come forth in the glory of their better resurrection, of perfect in mind and body. It will not take long for Christ to appoint them to their post of honor and authority as his earthly representatives.
    TWTP 224-6

    and this next one,

    Rutherford was bat shit crazy. There's more asnine things Here:


    Freddy Franz promoted 1975

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS couldn't or weren't driven to accurately adhere to the bible because it was more driven and focused to proliferate their own literature and the organization's doctrines were devised under that endeavor.

    They say they are just preaching the Gospel as first century Christians were all loyal and strongly adherent to Jesus's instructions but the truthful reality according to scripture is something quite different.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    They sure did say that and I remember thinking "crap, I hate witnessing now so I can't see myself doing that".

    My mother is sure that the cutting back on publications is a sign that we are nearing the judgement message time. She is a ball of anxiety and nerves now. So sad to see her like that.

  • Finkelstein

    She is a ball of anxiety and nerves now. So sad to see her like that.

    Yup sadly thats a good possibility, the WTS's fear mongering has and still does keep people in a state of anxiety.

    I knew of some back in the 1970's that committed suicide on the infusion of fear and anxiety made by the WTS. back then. They were both brought up in the JW religion by their parents but may have been overly sensitive to the persistent fear mongering which was so prevalent back then.

  • zeb

    This could be one of the odd instructions that 'you might not understand' will come out of the borg and while the gb etal sit in their palace they will set the world against the rank and file jw. The wt has always wanted martyrs.

    Any jw reading here would do well to look into what happened in Malawi and further back in Nazi Germany.

    and was it Rutherford who said the witnessing work would be completed in the 20th Century?

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