Does anyone like Steampunk?

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I love people's being creative with this genre. I stumbled on this video which is a lot of fun. Past the end credits is out takes and how it was made.

  • doubtfull1799

    Yes, I do!

  • jwleaks


  • Jayk

    Yes, I have a idea for a book series but I'm still planning it out. This isn't steampink but it's close. You'll like it this isn't me its someone else

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Cool. I will read that tomorrow Jayk. I plan on doing some artwork/3d stuff in steampunk. I love looking at all the twists they do with Star Wars, Wizard of Oz and mechanical bugs and and and on and on.

  • fulltimestudent

    Jeez, and I thought this thread was about an American make of commercial coffee makers:

    Ritzy Steampunk Java Makers

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    fulltimestudent - if they were made of brass, they would pass

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Ratrods - those cards with the drooling eye popping driver of metal ready to explode? Guys loved them, girls did not.

  • jwundubbed

    If you like tabletop RPGs, check out Airship Pirates.

    If you like comics, check out Girl Genius.

    And yes. I like steampunk.

    Also... check out what could be considered a steampunk instrument?

    a steampunk instrument?

  • Jayk

    You got a instagram or some way I can see your work DFP?

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