Will Watchtower “simplify” the baptism arrangement at circuit assemblies?

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  • Londo111

    Watchtower ever “simplifies” its “arrangements”. No more food. One-day circuit assemblies…no more “Special Assembly Day”--it was a SAD occasion anyways.

    When I was baptized at a circuit assembly in 1987, there were dozens upon dozens who were dunked with me, some actual converts from “field service”. Nowadays, there are a handful of teenage born-ins. Sometimes there is only one. Occasionally, the baptismal talk is given, but nobody gets dunked. That must be embarrassing for Watchtower and create some cognitive dissociate for those attending.

    How long until they simply drop circuit assembly baptisms altogether? Save it for the “regional”…which I bet eventually will only be two-days.

    Pure speculation, I know.

    I’m sure the letter announcing it would say, “We are pleased to announce a simplification in regard the arrangement for baptism.”

  • scratchme1010
    Watchtower ever “simplifies” its “arrangements”. No more food. One-day circuit assemblies…no more “Special Assembly Day”--it was a SAD occasion anyways.

    Those things are not changed for no reason. They will "simplify" the baptism of people only if/when there's something better for them that advances their interest, i.e., make more money, save money, control people better. Those are the only reasons for them to make changes, unless they are legally bound to make them.

  • steve2

    I recall back in the early 1970s there was a concerted push to "save" baptisms for District Conventions because it would be quite attention grabbing with easily hundreds getting baptized (which was amazing for a small country such as New Zealand).

    Some "concerned" brothers, however, questioned this: What if the baptismal candidate holds off their baptism until the District Convention and the end comes in the meantime? It could cost them their life. I am not kidding - this was actually said - although I never saw it in any of the publications.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The 30 minute Baptism Talk is a colossal waste of time!

    During this 30 minute ho-hum of a talk you find many JWs take an early lunch, run to the lobby to chit chat, run to the toilet to take a dump, etc etc etc. I'm sure the WT think tank is spending a lot of time on how to deal with it...cause it's only going to get worse...I mean there are only soo many teenie boppers among JWs to dunk...then what?

    This 30 minute baptism talk is discouraging on soo many levels. The last thing WT wants to do is (1) discourage the poor elder burdened with having had to prepare this talk, only to find empty rows of seats in front of him. Then there are (2) the thousands of JWs in the audience who are discouraged by the no-show baptismal candidates. Then there are (3) those 'Bible Studies' and other outsiders visiting for the first time who may be deterred from showing further interest due to no-show baptism dunkees.

    What is the WTBTS to do???

    These no-show baptism candidates at these large venues are a constant reminder to the JW community that there is something terribly wrong in this 'Spiritual Paradise' today!

  • Londo111

    I never knew this was a practice in the past. Yes, this would seem to be the reason for them to make the change, to make more of an impression.

    To have 0 baptisms has to be awkward.

  • kairos

    maybe they'll go to an invisible or symbolic baptism...
    ( in your heart )

    Kinda like the memorial where you reject the emblems, this way nobody has to risk dressing immodestly.

    ( also not inspired )

  • Londo111

    Ha! I could see it now: walk up to the baptismal pool, put your palm up and walk around without getting in. Only the 144000 can get in the water.

  • sparrowdown

    New instructions for virtual bapstisms :

    1. Walk onto platform and face audience

    2. Hold your nose

    3. Shimmy down towards the ground like a 1967 dancecraze.

    4. Jump up in the air with a goofy grin on your face.

  • ToesUp

    They won't have to simplify it, no one is getting baptized. lol Can't get any simpler than that.

  • Crazyguy

    They'll make baptisms to be done only at the regional conventions.

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