"Bible Teach" book study--is it real?

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  • AmyWatson916
    JW's want to begin a study through their new "What Does the Bible Really Teach?" book. Should a non-JW study with them just to point out the contradictions and muddled thinking in the book? Love to get some advice.
  • JW_Rogue

    No, if you're not a JW then they won't listen to you anyway you would be wasting your time. If they suspect that you are looking at any apostate material they will write you off and stop listening to anything you have to say. JWs are instructed that they are to look for "right hearted ones." What this really means is that they are to look for people who want to believe and be taught, not people who want to debate or challenge doctrine.

  • baker

    Unless you like to waste your time, you would be better off going to the movies or something ...

  • OutsiderLookingIn

    It is most likely a waste of time in that you won't see any immediate change, but nothing is immediate with JWs. I've done two and we didn't make it through the book (got as far as Chapter 8, "What is God's Kingdom?" in a roundabout manner, started there because of my question and went back to the beginning). They stopped answering my questions or realized it wasn't going anywhere. In neither case did I say I was interested in becoming a JW, only that I had questions but they launched a study for their own purposes. In the end, I guess it was better for them to find someone who knows nothing about the Bible, a blank canvas I can only pray and hope that I was able to plant some seeds. And at least, I can be honest at the carts when I say I've looked through their Bible Teach book and found it wanting lol

    If you are interested in going forward, there's a good chapter-by-chapter question set that I found on freeminds. It's by Wilbur Lingle. I definitely wouldn't go through all the questions but it gives helpful ideas.

  • smiddy

    Welcome AmyWatson916

    Trying to reason with a Jehovah`s Witness is like talking to a brick wall .

    Reminds me of my Orthodox Jewish friend over in Israel praying at the "wailing wall" .

    Bobbing his head in prayer at the wall as they do , praying for peace among the Palestinians and the Jews ,for seven straight days .

    I asked him how it went , no bloody good he replied , it was just like talking to a brick wall .

    I hope you enjoy yourself at this site


  • naazira

    Hey welcome,

    Don't get involved, they just want to clock preaching hours for their timesheets. Don't give them a chance.

  • punkofnice

    Welcome AW. Don't waste your time or theirs. JWs will not listen to anything contrary to what they are told they have to believe or be shunned.

  • stillin

    AW, even in the congregation group "study" of their books,there is no serious thought given to the material. It is simply reviewed. No questions are asked and the only answers given are found in the paragraph. You would do much better to read the book yourself if you want to know what is in it. You probably won't read another one.


    What are you trying to accomplish by chatting with them? To open their eyes or just to harass them?

    Ask one stumper question and then walk away.

    Ask how they would know more about what a catholic book teaches then the catholics? The bible is a catholic book.

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW I learned the hard way. You are only allowed to ask questions that conform to their way of thinking. If you waver from their way of thinking the answer is "Good bye, have a nice life "

    If you would like read my intro to this forum. I asked the wrong questions after 5 years.

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