Multilevel sales and CO !!

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  • sp74bb
    It seems that some CO need much more $$ and in some countries they started to promote Multilevel sales among their contact network. Have you been involved in any offer of such nature?
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    MLMs are legendary among JWs. Some many have been screwed out of so much.
  • sp74bb

    Last one in Spain is related with Bottled water with low residues content... A kind of crazy water not different from other bottled water but 500% price of usual retail price...

  • stillin

    I am actually surprised that any CO would promote any MLM. You see that in a lot of other churches but with the mindset among the Witnesses that the KH is strictly a hub for spiritual activity, well, you just don't hear much of that any more. Maybe on a social level, which I do not care to participate in...

    But a CO?!

  • sp74bb

    This CO locally do have 80 referrals working for him :) So simple, if you want to be privileged it is easy to know what to do !!!

  • clarity

    Oh yes big time! Mostly vitamins & Tea Tree oil products, Amway. Seems like it comes naturally to them ....always trying to flog something!


  • Ignoranceisbliss
    I would love some evidence of COs supporting MLMs. I have seen none in my area.
  • Hecce

    sp74bb is l legend in the Spanish Forum, his information is well documented and corroborated. As far as USA I have seen COs making good money out of referrals for mostly Caribbean Cruises, this is controlled by the Miami JW Maffia controlled by the descendants of some Cubans JWS historical families, always on the lookout for making an easy buck.

  • mana11
    The latest one in africa is TREVO, moving through the witnesses fast... lol
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    Uhhhhh are you sure about that? MLMs would be a direct violation of their vow of poverty.

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