2 witnesses told me the literature they were handing out were not religious

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  • charity7

    Two witnesses came to my door the other day and I politely told them that I was not interested. They told me that it was ok and that what they were handing out was not anything religious. I told them sorry and that I was still not interested. My husband was nearby so I know he heard what they said. Is this a new change to the door to door stuff? Saying it's not religious?

  • steve2

    Of course it's not religious in exactly the same way that you're not a householder. Words can mean exactly what you want them to mean. This is mad-making stuff.

    Is this a change - their lying through the side of their mouth by denying their own religious literature is religious? No. JWs' preparedness to lie to further their cause is legendary. I recall working with JWs who would deny to householders that JW organization was a religious organization.

    Indeed, Rutherford refuted that the organization he re-shaped and turned more overtly into a cult was even a religion at all. He had a narrow definition of religion as being of the devil. Hence, he could say without blushing that, "Religion is a snare and a racket."

    Decades later when the organization - in a rare fit of common-sense - realized that Rutherford's definition was wrong, his saying came back to haunt them. Now non-JWs can say without blushing, "JW organization is a snare and a racket".

  • jp1692

    Liars gotta lie.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    What was that about often-repeated scripture, "Jehovah hates a lie" ?

    But of course, it is only the hypocritical "Clergy Of Christendom" who engage is such capers as telling a few porkies whenever it suits them to do so! Otherwise, like Winston Churchill, it is not a lie, merely a "Terminological In-exactitude".

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I would have looked them in the eyes and said:

    "Not religious eh? Well, if those magazines aren't religious then I'm not at home today. Now please go try to insult someone else's intelligence with your offer of non-religious magazines while I get back to not being at home."
  • joe134cd

    Gerrit Losch was never answerable to watchtower and watchtower was never answerable to Gerrit. JW never hand out religious literature, and the Pope was never a catholic.

  • JakeM2012

    They have the "truth" they are not religious. The Society for years denied that they were a religion.

  • Crazyguy

    It's not a religion it's a CULT!

  • Ding

    Saying it's not a religion is like saying, "We're not here to convert you."

  • stuckinarut2

    It is as truthful as the bethel elder lawyer Vin Toole was during the Australian Royal Commission when asked "have you heard of theocratic warfare mr Toole?"

    He answered "no, no I have never heard that expression"


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